We had some new friends over for a play date yesterday. I was talking with another mom during VBS and our little girls became fast friends by following each other around the church lobby, then switching shoes. A bond that only a 2 year old with a passion for shoes can understand. It was really sweet, they even held hands. I couldn’t believe it, I had to have this sweet girl over to play.
Remember, we rarely have girls over, since most of our friends are boys. So it was a whole different can of worms when our new friend showed up. Right off the bat, LOTS of drama!! There were times of sweetness, but mostly a lot of shouting “MINE!!!!” then crying, stomping and flopping on the floor. This was happening on both girl’s part. It was hilarious. What happened to that cute girl play time in the church lobby? ha. I don’t think she knew what do with a little person who was interested in her girl toys (which is very slim in a house ruled by Batman, swords and light sabers). Also, because they both have big brothers, I think shouting MINE just becomes habit. Those pesky big brothers!!
It ended up being a fun morning and I was happy to have made a new friend myself. I just wasn’t used to all the fuss that goes on in the little girl world. I guess I got my first taste of much more drama to come! It will all be worth it someday when I get to go through this with her and her daughter. I will remind her about that dramatic, terrible two’s screech “MINE!”, assure her that it’s normal, then I’ll chuckle and go home to my nice and quiet, screech free home.

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