Message Box Craft Tutorial - Mothers Day Gift - Free Printable

This is my week for Mother’s Day fun! So, I asked my super crafty friend, Cathe Holden if she could come up with a Free Printable for you all and of course, she WAY out did herself once again! This cute message box tutorial will rock your socks off! Now I have to find time to make it:-)

Thanks for sharing Cathe. We always love your creativity!! Be sure a leave some comment love below and visit her cool blog for more fun ideas.

DIY Free Printable Message Box Tutorial – By Cathe Holden

I worked on a project for my mom and made a tutorial to share with you, and in keeping with spirit of freebies, I have created one of the designs with the fabulous free vintage wallpaper graphics of a another blog-friend, Karen, The Graphics Fairy!

This gift box creation will be filled with many little notes reminding my Mom why I love her so much and the little things that she has done in my life that mattered.

Message Box Craft Tutorial - Mothers Day Gift - Free Printable

I designed this box to fit business card size notes. You can use the designs provided, or utilize the blank template for use with scrapbook paper, or any other paper you’d like, but it’s best to print and construct the box with card stock to keep it rigid.

How To Make the Message Box:

You will need to choose a free template, download and print:

Manilla Box

Vintage Wallpaper Box

Plain Template

Mother's Day - Message Gift Box Craft Tutorial {Free Printable}

  • Print the template you choose onto white card-stock. If printing the Manilla box, write your “To” and “From” info before trimming and folding (in case you make a mistake in writing, you will not have already gone through all the assembly!)
  • Trim out the template, cutting notches and slices where marked. Score (press deep crease with dull pointed object) along all fold lines. Scoring is essential to the success of this project!
  • Fold along all scored fold lines.

Mother's Day - Message Gift Box Craft Tutorial {Free Printable}

  • Using double-stick tape, tape under lid flap and tuck and tape side flaps of the lid as shown.
  • Add double-stick tape to the inside panel, slide into position and stick.

Mother's Day - Message Gift Box Craft Tutorial {Free Printable}

  • For the Manilla message box: Punch holes in center of reinforcement circle graphic and add an eyelet if you’d like. Cut out business card size (2″ x 3.5″) pieces of paper, cardboard, vintage ephemera, etc. and add a sentiment to each. Embellish with stickers and more.
  • For the Wallpaper box: Simply cut out plain cardstock, write on each, and gather with the “Mother” wrap-around cut-out.

Mother's Day - Message Gift Box Craft Tutorial {Free Printable}

Mother's Day - Message Gift Box Craft Tutorial {Free Printable}

  • Finally, tie your box with ribbon or string and send along to your Mom to let her know just how much she means to you!

Mother's Day - Message Gift Box Tutorial {Free Printable}

BONUS…  You can use this craft for other purposes!

  • Fill with 30 little notes for your friend who’s turning 30. 40 for 40, etc.
  • Tuck with love notes and fun messages for your husband’s birthday.
  • Use as a file for business cards you pick up here and there.
  • Make several boxes to organize small craft supplies.
  • Before printing the wallpaper template, cover the wording with a white box to erase the type and add your own for another occasion or purpose.
  • Use the basic template to create custom boxes for product packaging.


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  1. Thank you for so beautiful ideas. I printed the unicorn.I tried to print the plain template, for the box, but it only printed the 2 small parts of the box, the other part didn't come out.

  2. Thank you for sharing so generously. I want to make the box for a friend who is ill.. My plans are to have friends and family to write messages
    which I will put in the box,

  3. I just printed off one of these boxes (the blank one) to put my Mom’s bracelet in that I made for her and was totally cracked up by the fact that it looks like a pack of cigarettes! lol My mom LOVES her “smokes” and will totally laugh when she sees this box 🙂 Any smokers probably won’t get the resemblance though, but it will certainly make my mom smile!

  4. Thank you for this project and template! I just printed the plain template and made one of the boxes with paperboard (from a cereal box) instead of cardstock, and found that it looks like a cigarette carton (approximately)…so now i want to tightly roll up several little inspirational/encouraging notes to the size of cigarettes, put them in one of these boxes, and make a “quit smoking” gift that someone could carry around in place of their usual cig pack. Anything to get someone to quit! (-:

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  6. This might be a really dumb question but I just printed this template out and only half of it was printed off…. Why is this? How do I get the whole thing printed off?

  7. i’m a 6th grade english teacher (btw, i don’t always practice what i preach on the internet, so please excuse any ill grammar/punctuation/etc 😉 ), and this struck me as a perfect craft for them (they also included a printable calendar i purchased from littlebrownpen in dec. i love printables!). it was just challenging enough for them (assembly esp.) and i was able to tie in a nod to english here and there in a few of their messages.
    all in all, they loved it. thanks for putting it out there for the world to enjoy! i’m sure there will be many tearful moms on sunday thanks to you and cathe.

  8. What a beautiful gift. I’m sure your mom will love it…and I bet she is extremely proud of her talented daughter. Thanks so very much for sharing this. : )

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