You know a lot about me, so I thought you might want to get to know my other half. So here are some fun facts about Mr. Living Locurto.

  1. He was born and raised in Boston. That means Larry Bird is his sports GOD and everything else must be put on hold when the Red Sox or Patriots are on TV.
  2. He’s half Irish, half Italian, with 2 brothers and a sister. His entire family still lives in the Boston area.
  3. He decided to quit his first job out of college and travel the US doing temp jobs like washing dishes. After many months of this, he ended up in Texas and decided it was time to wise up and get a real job. That’s how he ended up here!
  4. He’s an IT professional. Working on the design and programming of payroll for large corporations.
  5. His favorite shoes are Converse Chuck Taylors. Used to be kinda geeky, but now he’s in style.
  6. He’s a natural athlete. Great basketball (plays every Saturday morning) & football player. A few years ago he tried hockey for the first time in his life and is already one of the leading scorers in the entire league!
  7. His favorite past time now is Fantasy Football.
  8. He has to listen to talk radio to go to sleep! Since I can’t sleep to people talking, he has to wear headphones.
  9. He does more housework than me! I’m the type that would let the dishes sit in the sink for a few days. That drives him crazy, so he does the dishes.
  10. He also does all the laundry. (Yes, he’s awesome I know!)
  11. His favorite phrase lately is “Follow through!” mmmm… can you guess who he says that to? You guessed right if you said me! I’m a bit of a scatter brain:-)
  12. His personality is totally OPPOSITE than mine. He loves to be alone, takes his time, is sensitive, quiet, takes a while to get to know, doesn’t waste money on dumb stuff at Target, does things now without procrastinating and has a dry sense of humor.
  13. My favorite thing about him is his witty personality. He can come up with some really great one liners. The kind that would take me an hour to think of, he’ll just blurt them out.
  14. He likes to watch Dr. Phil and Cheaters. Anything with warped drama is his thing. He may not be too thrilled that I shared this with the world. Oh well, it’s funny.
  15. Rocky is his favorite movie. So much so that he asked me to marry him at the Zoo, because of course that’s where Rocky asked Adrian to marry him! ha. He made me watch it the evening before, but I still didn’t clue in:-)
  16. We share a love for chocolate and teen movies.
  17. My favorite thing to do with my husband is dance. We don’t do that very often, maybe at a wedding every now and then. He’s not the best dancer, but he sure cracks me up trying. Sometimes we have dance night with the kids and I will be crying laughing so hard at his moves. Of course our son has the exact same moves. Poor boy!!!

A few more things and then I’ll be done:

My husband is a wonderful provider, never complains about watching our kids when I go out with my friends, tennis or ministry things and will wait in that long line to get my car oil changed for me! I’m sure I’ll get made fun of big time for this, but I hope he realizes how much I love him!! (Thanks for all you do if you’re reading this!!)

Now that you know somethings about my hubby. I want to hear about yours! We need to give them some props for putting up with us “glued to our computer” bloggers:-)

Please add a link to your post here. You know the drill, link back to this page so your readers can get in on the fun.

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  2. Thank you for allowing me to use your post to share my wonderful husband. Your husband sounds wonderful, just like mine. I just found you, so I will be watching your posts. Blessings, Michelle

  3. Hi Amy, what a catch you have there!!! Do you go to Boston alot? Does he have a Boston accent? I would love to got there someday. Laundry???? Awesome!!! 🙂 🙂


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  5. What a great blogging idea! I have really enjoyed reading the posts and like how everyone is using a different format to introduce their hubs! As always, thanks for the blogging entertainment!


    P.S. How/where did you meet Mr. Living Locurto?

  6. Amy, Carrie’s entry is hysterical!!!! This was such a good idea – what a great way to meet new people!

    Thanks for having this.

  7. Oh, shoot, I was so busy getting my Top Design recap written today that I totally forgot about this. Oh, well, I enjoyed reading yours anyway. Your husband sounds a little like mine–an IT professional who does more than his fair share of cleaning and laundry around here. Dave loves to bake anything with chocolate in it. When he made me chocolate-chip cookies in college, I knew he was the man for me. 🙂

  8. Amy, this is a great idea! I’m looking forward to reading about everyone’s husbands later today.

    Thanks so much for the comment on my blog about my daughter reading the home magazine. Our oldest daughter calls her “Kimora”. She’s such a little diva. 😉

  9. Amy, I still have to track down two pics of him with the kids but they’re hard copy photos and will need to be scanned in. I thought one of them was on my laptop but it seems to be MIA.

    My husband knows I was plastering his face all over the internet last night and he was fine with it.

    This was fun, Amy.

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