When the Star Wars characters come to town, we have to go! Thankfully Pottery Barn Kids brought them to Dallas. Here are some fun memories from their event.

Star Wars Event with Amy Locurto Lifestyle Blogger Dallas Texas

Pottery Barn Kids Star Wars Event 

May The Force Be With You friends! Star Wars came to Pottery Barn Kids and we had to go! 

I hope you had a good weekend! We had a fun here in Texas. Guess which one of our favorite villans came to town? The one and only Darth Vader! Gasp!!! Guess who stood in this line to see him? Us of course!

We’re so excited for their new Star Wars product line. I even bought my kid the Anakin Skywalker costume just for this event. 

This day has to go down as being the best day with Mommy ever!

For those of you weren’t 6-10 years old in the late 70’s and live in the real world, Anakin is Darth Vader before he turned to the “Dark Side”.

Pottery Barn Kids did a great promotion for their new Star Wars line. Even my friend’s husband was excited to get to meet Lord Vader. ha!

Here’s mini Vader and mini Anakin waiting patiently. Aren’t they cute?

After a long wait in the line, they finally they got to meet the Star Wars stars! Look at that pose!

Meanwhile, Daddy and little sister were having bonding time. Looks like they were doing laundry…

I was proud of myself! I didn’t get sucked in and buy anything at Pottery Barn. But I did go nuts at a Halloween store. I’ll post my finds soon.

Later, we made this fun Star Wars craft.

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  • I’ve been working on the cutest (I think) new FREE download. Check back soon to get it!!
  • Picked up some great Halloween decorations that I can’t wait to tell you about!!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing all the great Halloween costume ideas!
    Loved your own little Darth Vaders. : )

  2. Your little guy is so into and he is so stinkin’ cute! I agree with Kate…you definitely should get the Best Mommy award for that one (look at that line!)

    Angie in OH

  3. How fun! I actually dressed up as Princess Leia for halloween in 1977 when then first star wars movie came out. I had the wig with the buns and everything.

    I’m also glad I’m not the only mom who’s crazy enough to stand in line for 5 hours to meet someone. I had the opportunity to do that in New York City a year ago – only it was to meet Miley Cyrus. We got in line at 7:30 in the morning and finally met her around noon. Although it was a very brief meeting, we got some great pictures and I know it’s something my daughter will remember for years to come.

  4. Oh my son would have loved that!
    He is a HUGE STAR WARS fan , ever since he hit about 3 , Unfortunatley NO PB over here in Japan! Dern it all!
    Cute photos 🙂

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