I’m happy to have the ultra cool and crafty Cathe Holden providing us with another fun tutorial.

These classy leather card holders would make the perfect Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gifts. It might take me that long to make a few of these! ha. I’m slow when it comes to sewing anything.

Cathe made these for her new business cards, but I think a mirror, jewelry or lipstick would also fit perfectly in these little pouches.

Thanks for sharing Cathe!


Materials Needed The leather came from furniture swatches picked up at a thrift store. Other materials include, thin cotton fabric, a vintage button and a black hair band.

Step 1 Use a stack of cards to measure the size of the case. Using only one card to size may not allow for the bulk needed in the end.

Step 2 The suede underside of this leather is pretty sticky, not like adhesive, but not smooth enough for cards to easily slide against. So lining the card holder is important. Use a small amount of spray adhesive to attach the gingham fabric to the leather and then trimmed the excess fabric off.

Step 3 Sew the flap area to the back piece first, leaving the end open to add the elastic loop. For the loop,  tie a knot in the hair band and cut off the remaining piece.

Step 4 Stitch along the edge of the front piece at the top/opening of the pocket to give it a finished edge and put into place.

Step 5 Sew the final top-stitching around the entire outer edges. Sewing the leather is very smooth. Sewing over the bulk of the hair band is not. Cathe thought her white stitching came out very inconsistent.

To mask ugly stitching, color the thread with a permanent marker. Trim the edges of the leather around the outside seams and give one more seam to the area just above the inside pocket to help create a fold for the back of the flap.

Step 6 Add the button.

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  1. Clever. However you mispelled FINISH in the last photograph of this tutorial. You may want to add an “H”.

  2. I have just the right piece of leather to use to make one! Thanks for the great idea! If I post it on my blog I will link right back to your tutorial!

    Carmi’s last blog post..Toile or Tole

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and taking a moment to say hello! I hope you’ll come back. 🙂

    Dionna’s last blog post..Are You Thankful?

  4. Wow, that is gorgeous! And so well explained too. Love it! I need to make one of these asap-the bottom of my purse is a free-for-all disaster. Thanks so much, I’ll be linking.

    Rachel’s last blog post..Oscar Party Roundup

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