I hope you had a great Labor Day weekend! This was a fun family weekend at the Locurto house! Friday night, we kicked the weekend off with a kid friendly make your own pizza party. 

I’ve been using Pilsbury’s Pizza Crust and it’s really good!

Notice my kid is wearing his typical super hero costume.

I think it’s a hit! The super hero and neighbor boys were so excited!

Too bad they didn’t care to eat… everyone ran off to play right after this photo. ha! It’s too much fun at the Locurto house to eat right?

My new favorite fast dessert is two-bite brownies with icing and sprinkles! 

Always a hit with the kiddos. Especially our mini Christopher Walken!!!

(See his hair in photos above. His big brother fixed it!) 

This got the parents to laughing. ha! Then, we had to get online to watch the “More Cowbell” skit on SNL. This cracks me up every time I watch it!! When the actors can’t keep from laughing, you know it’s hilarious!

Do you have a favorite SNL skit? I think More Cowbell, anything RosanaRosana Dana and the The Spartan Cheerleaders are my favorite.




Saturday, we discovered a beach at a nearby lake. I can’t believe I didn’t know this was here?? Luckily we’re in Texas and should have another month of swimming.

Here’s my crew. How nice! We had most of the beach to ourselves. 

Then to end a perfect afternoon, we hit the nearby Pirate Themed McDonald’s. What a night of discoveries! This place was so fun! Notice everyone was way too hungry to smile for the camera. Little piggies! Pirates, salty fries and Star Wars toys… HEAVEN!!

These are my “tall friend’s” kids. See the little boy sipping milk on the right? He’s only 4 and the size of a 7-8 year old! At the age of 4, he’s already pretty awesome at sports. Someday I hope to be in a basketball suite watching him slam dunk!!!

Thanks friends (tall, medium and short) for helping us enjoy the long weekend. We love you guys!!


What does your family do to connect? Check out some fun ideas at Whittaker Woman.

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  1. I have a kid who is dressing up in Halloween costumes. Too cute. I think I will have a post about that this week. Love this age.

    What a fun McDonald’s you have! WOW!

    Are you OK with Gustav hitting?

    Looks like you all had a wonderful weekend!

  2. Oh! You are making me laugh today!

    Christopher Walken….hahaha

    More Cowbell….hehehe

    Super hero outfit….

    priceless :o)

  3. The kids and I spent our entire summer at a lake near us…you’re going to love having that beauty so close to you! It’s a wonderful way to spend a lazy day together.

    My favorite SNL skit ever is a naughty one…do remember the Alec Baldwin one when he was on the talk show talking about his “Schwetty Family Recipe”? (I’m not sure if that spelling is correct.) He was talking about the Christmas treat that his family had created? I split a gut laughing everytime I see that skit. Soooo funny!

    Have a happy Labor Day. 🙂

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