Cutest Kitten Photos & Fun Pet Photo Contest!

Cute Kitten Photos

Watch out, there’s a new kitty in our family! If you didn’t know, we recently lost our beloved 14-year-old cat Rocky. So when my Aunt found this little baby kitten under her porch, we couldn’t wait to visit and play!

Cute Kitten & Pet Photo Contest.

We were already traveling to Oklahoma for the 4th of July and getting to play this new kitten was definitely a bonus!! Her momma had abandoned her, so my aunt and uncle had to bottle feed her back to health.

They decided to keep her and named her Nucy. 

How could you NOT love this sweet face?

Cute Kitten & Pet Photo Contest.

Of course I had to take some cute photos with our family’s new pet! Have you ever tried getting good photo of a kitten? It’s not as easy as it looks!

Cute Kitten!

I loved the comment, “I want to learn how to grow cats!”, when I shared this photo on Instagram...



Kitten Update!

I asked my Aunt to send me a recent photo of Nucy and look how much she has grown! My daughter is dying to make another trip back to Oklahoma to see her.

There is also a lot of begging for a new kitty at home!

Cute Kitten & AvoDerm Pet Photo Contest

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