My husband is so happy it’s football season. Here are some great ideas to get you ready for the season. I’m ready for fall!!


Let’s Entertain has some cute deviled eggs, great for football watching parties!




Tidy Mom has some yummy ideas for game days.




I’m planning to make these Mini BBQ Beef Pies if we have friends over. Yum!



Have a great weekend everyone! School starts on Monday. We’ll be organizing and getting ready for that all weekend. What about you?


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  1. Yay! Love these football ideas. I am doing a date this weekend that will be posted on The Dating Divas on monday. I am going to attempt to recreate those really cute eggs! LOVE!

  2. Thanks for all the great ideas. I especially love the deviled egg one. My husband is a high school football coach, so I’m currently becoming a football widow for a season (just kidding). We really enjoy the season as well, although it can be busy. I love making dinners to take to the games with us (walking tacos, handpies). I’ll be making some of these treats to take to the games with us.

  3. What a neat idea for deviled eggs! Perfect for Thanksgiving when typically in my fam the men are sitting around the television watching football while the ladies are making food. Gah!

    Love the funny napkins!

  4. Thanks for the “shout out”!! Our weather certainly feels like football season too! – highs only in the 70’s – gotta love it!!

    Thanks for all the great ideas!


  5. Love the eggs and napkins. My husband is a BIG University of GA fan and we live in AUstin Texas so UT football is huge. These will be great additions to a football party! Thanks for all your great ideas.

  6. Woo hooo! I shall email you my address post-haste! It’s the perfect time to try some new BBQ sauce.. thank you so much! And I love all of the football themed ideas; I would enjoy throwing a football party. BUT… my husband is a rabid Georgia Bulldog, to the point that he wants to watch the game by himself, or with me and son at most. And we’d better be quiet, because Dawg games are some serious stuff. Party? Not good.. he’d be thowing people off the deck if they talked during the game. *sigh* The South is really serious about their football…

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