I finally got an iPhone 3G. As you might know I’m an Apple freak. I’ve got 3 macs in my house and now excited to have an iPhone to connect to them all. It all started when my Dad gave me his original Mac from 1984. I feel so old… I think I was the only girl I know who had a personal computer in high school and throughout the early years of college. Wow, times have changed!!

With kids in tow, I strolled over to the Apple store yesterday around 12:30 pm. I thought I’d get the 3G, then take them for lunch. I couldn’t believe there was a LINE outside the store to purchase the iPhone. Crazy! After getting in this line, I learned it was at least an hour wait, then 20 minutes to set it up. Eeek… the kids will starve and for sure start whinning, crying, then tantrums. I turn around, 6 more people just got into line!! I can’t leave now!! I want my iPhone!! Search the diaper bag for treats. Cookies, that will satisfy my kids for at least 15 minutes right? After about 25 minutes in line and entertaining my kids, I realize my phone is not eligible for a free upgrade. Which means, I have to pay double for the dang iPhone! Ugh. I look behind me, about 20 people behind me now… I’m in… not leaving! I’m a sucker!!! 

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So after all that. (the kids were surprisingly VERY well behaved.) I did get inside the Apple Store and get my cool new phone. It was worth it! I highly recommend getting one even if you aren’t a Mac user. It’s just so easy to use. My 5 year old son already knows how to use it and even told me about a free light saber application. I guess one of his teachers at gymnastics camp had this! ha. I love the Facebook application and web sites load pretty fast.

The only bad thing about this phone is I’ll have to hide it from my kids because they think it’s a toy. I give it 2 thumbs up!!

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  1. i stumbled over here from miz booshay’s and saw this post….i am a mac freak as well… i got my iPhone on friday morning and love it! i was so lucky, no line and it took all of 15 minutes for the entire deal.

  2. Lucky girl! I’m jealous.

    I just had to tell you I worked on this exact same type of Mac in the late ’80s during a summer job. It brought back so many memories seeing it again here. I forgot how small the screen was! We’re all so used to having the big, wide ones now. Heck, the iPhone screen is nearly as big as our old monitors were. Ha.

    -Julia 🙂

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