I’m testing photos from my iPhone. They turned out better than I thought. Pics are NOT good at night or inside with limited light. If you get a shot outside with nice light, they are good enough to use for the web when you don’t have your “real” camera handy.

Here is a sample of what happens inside. Photos turn out very grainy and red.

I’m looking at this photo and can’t get over how different my daughter looks from me! She has such huge dark eyes like her daddy. But she is a ham and silly like her mom. My little goofy girl who loves to draw, sing and dance. Gotta love it!!


If you don’t hold the iPhone totally still, it will be blurry like this.

(Another goofy pic of cutie pie)


I’ll still cart my Canon around with me. I wish Apple had made the camera better, but I guess you can’t have it all. There has to be something that makes you want to buy the next generation right?

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