When I first started this series of interviews, one of the first bloggers I wanted to learn more about was Lolly from LollyChops. This woman is a crafty genius! She draws, sews, scrapbooks, makes jewelry and is even a computer whiz to boot! I love her whimsical style, adorable creations and love of the color teal. I’ve featured many of Lolly’s free printables and thought it would be fun to learn more about her. We are practically neighbors, so hopefully we’ll get to meet in person soon!! I hope you enjoy learning more about Lolly.

When did you start LollyChops and what inspired you to do so?

I started LollyChops in August of 2008.  We had recently moved into our new house and I finally had a craft room all to myself!  Previously, I was crafting on our bed (using a single shelf and bins to store my craft supplies).  I still remember setting up my Cricut for the first time on the bed (it was a total fiasco)!

Once we settled in I started poking around on the internet and saw all these amazing craft blogs (I had not really done much of that before and was totally blown away by all of the inspiration that was out there)!  The first person I ever interacted with was Kendra McCracken.  She had posted a LO with these amazing green embellishments and I had no idea where to get them.  So I took a chance and wrote her to ask and low and behold…  she actually wrote me back (I was completely shocked)!  She was SUPER nice and helpful (she kept answering all my crazy questions)!  She showed me how kind and generous people could be (to a total stranger) and I knew I wanted to join in the fun!

Where did the name LollyChops come from?

My grandma used to call me Lamby Chop…  so the whole Lolly Chops thing was just a natural progression (in my mind it was anyway)!  (my family tends to make up songs and names and such… it’s just a normal thing for us)

You work full time managing a web team for a large telecommunications company, so how do you find time to do all these crafts, blog and have time for family? Are you super girl?

RonChops (the husband) and I don’t have a TV.  That pretty much sums it up.  hehehe…  seriously.  We got rid of our TV about 5 years ago and were amazed at how much time that opened up for us (so we never looked back)!  Folks should try it…  it will change your life!!!!

Did you get training as an artist? Or are you just a natural?

I started crafting when I was 4…. and even started out in college with a focus in art…  and somehow (ahem… because of a boyfriend)…  I ended up with a major in computer science (weird right)???  My heart really lies with crafts and creating though!

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

At first I wanted to be a ballerina.  Then I decided that being an archeologist was the way to go… and finally I settled with architect. I should have stuck with ballerina!

What is the MOST fun thing that has happened since starting LollyChops?

Meeting TONS and TONS of amazing people (which is exactly what I wanted to happen)!!!!  I remember the first comment on my blog and how excited that made me… and I remember the first time I saw someone create something because of a project that I had posted.  I still get a total thrill from all of the comments I receive and from everything that folks make (inspired by my tutorials)!  I love sharing creativity and inspiration with people! I am sitting here smiling like a goon just thinking about it!

Who inspires you?

Hands down…  it’s my mom!  She’s a continual source of inspiration and support!  She puts up with my endless stream of chatter and is willing to come over and test patterns, ideas and projects with me till the cows come home!  She’s pretty darn amazing!

What are three of your most favorite projects?

This was hands down the hardest part of the interview for me!!!  I have over 150 projects on my blog and I had to go through them all to really think this one through!!!

Hamie the Hedgie is probably my very most favorite project of all time!  That little fella sits right next to my desk and still makes me smile!

The Butterfly Project is my second favorite!  I really love making these pictures (and they are a great way to use up scraps)!

The Felt Flower Wreath is my third favorite!  I made this for my mom two weeks ago and she really loved it!

What’s in store for LollyChops? Any big plans you can give us scoop on?

Another hard question (you saved the doozies for last didn’t you Amy!!!)!  No real scoops… I wish I could say I had a mega line of something crafty in the works or that Martha had called to invite me to tea…  but it’s just me creating up a storm in my craft room and enjoying all of the wonderful friends I have made online!

Thanks Lolly!! I would not be surprised ONE BIT to see you on Martha! – Amy

Fun news everyone! I have Lego Party Printables in my shop. Be sure to visit if you have a little boy into Legos!!

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  1. I was SO EXCITED to see this today! I love LollyChops and it was so much fun to read about the woman behind such an amazing, creative and inspiring site. And I about chocked when I read “because of a boyfriend.” LOL! That’s hilarious. Go Lolly!
    .-= Rachel´s last blog ..Crafty Favor Roundup =-.

  2. AMY, BRAVO to you for the interview with Lolly! She has got to be one of my most favorite blogging friends! She is such a talent, generous and I think she will be a star in the future! She needs to have her own show!!
    .-= Nancy Wyatt´s last blog ..Wednesday Night Live! =-.

  3. I ADORE Lolly, both for her fantastically creative blog and for her sweet personality. I’m so glad she reached out to this stranger!

  4. Lolly is one of my most favorite people ever! Great interview- I even learned some things I didn’t know before.

    And Amy- LOVE the Lego printables. I happen to have one obsessed 4 year old right now so I might have to go pick some up!
    .-= Sara @ Our Best Bites´s last blog ..Monkey Cake and Cupcakes =-.

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