When you need a week of quick and easy dinner recipes, these Instant Pot dinners are the perfect weekly meal plan. Choose from hearty soups, chicken, pork or turkey dinners.

7 Easy Instant Pot Dinner Recipes for the Week - Soup and more!

7 Easy Instant Pot Dinner Recipes for the Week

I think you’re going to love these Easy Instant Pot Dinner Recipes for the week! With seven great dinner recipe ideas, you have a recipe to make every day this week for a quick and easy meal plan.

Sitting down to eat as a family is made easy by using your Instant Pot! If you haven’t used yours yet, now is the time. 

I use the 8 quart Instant Pot and it’s the best thing in my kitchen! I am not kidding, you won’t believe how much time it saves!

Most of my favorite Instant Pot recipes take 10 minutes or less to cook. No more frozen dinners on busy nights. You can literally dump a few ingredients in the Instant Pot, turn it on and have a great hot homemade meal in minutes.

7 Easy Instant Pot Dinner Recipes for the Week


3 Must have Instant Pot Gadgets

If you are new to the Instant Pot world, here are a few things you will want to have:

  1. Extra Instant Pot Sealing Rings – These get stinky after a while and hard to clean. Believe me, you’ll be glad you have extras!
  2. A Glass Lid – This definitely comes in handy for dinners.
  3. Inner Cooking Pot -This is a smaller pot that fits inside of your Instant Pot. It’s great for making dishes like lasagna. 


7 Easy Instant Pot Dinner Recipes for the Week


Favorite Easy Week Night Instant Pot Dinner Recipes

These are some of my favorite dinner recipes that make all the time for my family. Each recipe has step-by-step instructions to walk you through how to use your Instant Pot. 

I hope you enjoy trying out some of my favorite week night dinner recipes!


1. Best Instant Pot Potato Soup

This Potato Soup is by far my most popular Instant Pot recipe. I make it for parties too. Everyone loves it!

Instant Pot Potato Soup
BEST Instant Pot Potato Soup Recipe! This loaded baked potato soup is a quick and easy dinner that only takes 10 minutes to cook in a pressure cooker.
Recipe >
Instant Pot Potato Soup recipe. Easy Loaded Baked Potato Soup


2. Easy Pulled Pork

Pulled pork can be make quickly in your Instant Pot and this is my picky son’s favorite meal. If he will eat it, that means it’s really good!

Instant Pot Pulled Pork Recipe
With only 5 minutes of prep time and a pressure cooker, this easy Instant Pot Pulled Pork recipe makes the best BBQ sandwiches and tacos!
Recipe >
Instant Pot Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwich Pressure Cooker Recipe


3. Chicken Tikka Masala

This sweet and spicy Chicken Tikka Masala is one of the quickest meals I make. It’s so easy!

EASY Instant Pot Chicken Tikka Masala
Fast and easy Chicken Tikka Masala made in the Instant Pot. This spicy, creamy tomato Indian dish is an easy pressure cooker recipe.
Recipe >
Instant Pot Chicken Tikka Masala


4. Easy Lasagna

This Turkey and Spinach Lasagna was one of the first things I ever made in my Instant Pot!

Instant Pot Turkey Spinach Lasagna
This healthy Ground Turkey Spinach Instant Pot Lasagna is an easy pressure cooker recipe your family will love for dinner.
Recipe >
Instant Pot Turkey Spinach Lasagna Recipe Dinner Idea


5. Chicken Tortilla Soup

You’ll be addicted to this amazing restaurant style chicken tortilla soup! You might know this as Taco Soup, but here in Texas we call it Tortilla Soup.

Easy Instant Pot Chicken Tortilla Soup
The BEST Instant Pot Chicken Tortilla Soup recipe for an easy family dinner! Topped with avocado, cheese and tortilla strips, it’s a fast meal to cook.
Recipe >
Instant Pot Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe


6. Chicken Tetrazzini

With this Chicken Tetrazzini casserole recipe being SO EASY, you’ll want to make it every night for dinner! 

Instant Pot Chicken Tetrazzini
EASY one pot Instant Pot Chicken Tetrazzini recipe. This creamy baked chicken spaghetti and mushroom pasta is the best dinner!
Recipe >


7. Lemon Chicken

You can’t go wrong with this Lemon Chicken, the whole family will love it!

Instant Pot Lemon Garlic Chicken
Best Instant Pot Lemon Garlic Chicken recipe perfect for a quick dinner! How to cook tender juicy chicken breasts in a pressure cooker.
Recipe >


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