Ice Cream Party Ideas {Parents Magazine Feature}

I’m SUPER EXCITED to tell you about my article in this month!!

I worked with the editors of Parents to come up with this cute Ice Cream Party for the June 2013 issue. We started brainstorming ideas last year at this time, so I’ve been waiting a YEAR to tell you what I’ve been up to!! So when I actually saw the 7 page magazine spread, I was soooooo thrilled with the way it turned out. It’s super cute!

Most magazines don’t work with outside creatives for such a large article, so I have to thank Parents for allowing me this chance. It was a great learning experience to see how much work goes into these articles. I bet you had no idea they work on them years in advance!

Ice Cream Party Ideas {Parents Magazine Feature}

Photos by Anna Williams

The editors are talented, young and could totally have their own blogs and be huge successes, but they love the fast pace of the publishing world. I enjoyed it for this job, but the deadlines and work load reminded me of my design business and why I started blogging. Believe me, blogging is so much easier! ha! But we don’t get to be on TV shows, newsstands and doctor’s offices all over the country. That is the best part for sure!

So for a few months last summer, I helped with ideas, shopped and sourced products, crafted party props for the photos and designed printable activities and ice cream cone wrappers. I wasn’t able to go to the photo shoot, but love the way it turned out. The stylist, editors and photographer did a fantastic job putting everything together.

The hanging ice cream cones are my favorite idea and so easy to make!

Hanging Ice Cream Cone Craft.  Party Ideas {Parents Magazine Feature}

I was going to use kraft paper for ice cream cones, but then found paper mache cones at Michaels and thought they were perfect! Just glue tissue paper to styrofoam balls, glue to the cones, add some string and that’s it!

Parents made a great how-to video with details for making the ice cream cones .

I also love the cute lunch boxes! 

Ice Cream Party Ideas {Parents Magazine Feature}

Thanks to American Crafts for the paper and Sweet Baking Supply for helping me out with these! The cookie cutters for sandwiches can be found at Sur La Table, my favorite shop ever!!

I also want to give a shout out and BIG thanks to Cute Tape for providing the washi tape on the ice cream spoons and Shop Sweet Lulu for the ice cream cups! Painted spoons by Sucre Shop.

I hope you’ll go out and get the June 2013 issue. It’s full of great ideas!!

* Visit  for more party details, free party printables and where to buy everything.*

I have more photos of all of the crafts I made somewhere on a storage drive. I need to find them because you only see glimpses of them in the magazine.

Want to plan an Ice Cream Party?

Visit my shop for cute Ice Cream Party Printable Collections. (Choose from Red or Pink designs.)

Ice Cream Party Printable Collection

Ice Cream Party Printable Collection

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