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  1. That’s great news Amy! The future is looking so bright for you and Angie. I Heart Faces is so great too! It’s really become a household name in the blogging world. BTW…I hope you join me on Scenic Sundays – a photography meme I created. It focuses more on the beautiful places rather than the beautiful faces. Hope to see you there! Hopefully, someday I’ll be as successful as the two of you.

    Miti’s last blog post..Scenic Sunday

  2. Wow! You go you little cyber-celeb! We can all say we knew you ‘back when’! Just dropping by to say thanks for giving me an honorable mention this week. I AM BEYOND EXCITED! I only enter the contests for fun, and to learn and be inspired by the amazing talent at I Heart Faces. I never, ever expect that my little point-and-shoot or free editing software can compete with the skills and equipment of the dozens – lately even hundreds – of great photographers submitting photos. So thanks for making my day. You’ve given me some much needed confidence to pursue my photography passion even more fervently! Thanks again!

    Carebear (Cari)’s last blog post..I Heart {Cropped} Faces

  3. Look at you, Girl! I know a celebrity now! Congratulations!!!!! That is so awesome!!

    Thanks too for remembering my big day. It was so sweet of you and I had a wonderful day to boot!

    Dot O’s last blog post..Just For Fun

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