This week’s theme is Self-Portrait

I can’t wait to see everyone!! If you haven’t entered our challenges before now. Please grab your camera and do it today! Your photo must be of YOU. Hurry, you have until Tuesday evening to enter!

Adult Entry

I have pretty much used ALL of my self portrait shots in previous contests. So I dug deep for this one! We were at the State Fair and I cropped out my daughter who was frowning and not wanting to smile.

I don’t think there are many photos of me with my parents when I was little… only of me. So I’m a big fan of taking self portraits with my kids. I have LONG arms and am able to hold the camera out far enough away to get good shots. I want my kids to know what I looked like when I was young and cute! ha!

Kids Entry

*** I’m a co-founder of I ? Faces and only entering for fun. **

Good luck to all who enter!!!

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  1. I love your braidtails!! And that second shot is most-excellent!

    Secret Agent Mama’s last blog post..My Many Faces

  2. Oh Amy…both your pic and the one you and your daughter are priceless. I love the hat; reminds me of an old timey pic; it would be great in a sepia tone huh? love the way your baby girl is touching your face; sweet little chub fingers! 🙂 made my day!

    You have a good un’! Lovin’ this Texas weather!

    Your East Texas Friend!
    Ruth Ann

  3. Well, I have been hankerin’ for a hair cut, but now I think I might have to grow it out so I can have cute pigtails when fair time comes again! So fun! The funky angle makes it look like you’ve just ridden the tilt-a-whirl! (But without the tilt-a-whirl-induced nausea, of course…)

    And I can’t say anything that hasn’t already been said about the second photo – thank you so much for sharing it!

    julie’s last blog post..i [heart] faces: self-portrait

  4. What I love about this picture (the kid’s entry) is twofold: first, it’s precious and captures your relationship with your baby girl so well; second, she is obviously so comfortable with your camera that she doesn’t even notice it anymore. It’s like you are alone on the beach with no technology in sight. I love it!

    Lindsay’s last blog post..I ? Faces Week 15, Self-Portrait

  5. You are a lovely woman from the front, but your profile in the second picture, with the hat half covering your face, is camera gold. Very regal, but gentle, too. Great choice!

  6. Both of these are great – you really must have some long arms because they dont look anything like my awkward attempt at self-portraits — you can always see my arms trying to hold my camera. Plus how in the world are you supposed to hold that heavy camera and push the button — I feel like i need to work out first. 🙂

    I love your kids entry especially – just perfect!

    Becca @ the Stanley Clan’s last blog post..Why Mentor?

  7. Your eyes are AMAZING!!! Love your little pigtails too. I really need to start extending the ol’ arms, because I swear I have nothing but pictures of my son and HUSBAND. The Mamas don’t get any love!

    Precious picture with your daughter. I love when people add text to pictures.

    Heather’s last blog post..I ? Faces – Self-portrait

  8. If I were as pretty as you, I’d be posting self-portraits left and right, LOL! Really, I love these. That beach one of you and your girl is gorgeous. I really like the cinematography feel of it. And I like the DoF in the first. Great shots! Mine will pale in comparison. I’m still editing out the uglies and will link up soon!

    Carebear (Cari)’s last blog post..Funny Girl

  9. Beautiful pictures! I love them both, especially the one of you and your daughter. What a blessing to have long arms. Mine are short, so I get great pictures of my eyes and nose. Oh, and now my wrinkles; boy, THAT makes me all warm and fuzzy. Can’t wait til we get past this week… ;<)

    Pam D’s last blog post..I Heart Faces–Week 15–Self Portrait

  10. ‘I want my kids to know what I looked like when I was young and cute.’ Ha! I haven’t thought of it that way…. Time to start taking more photos with me in them. 🙂

    Heidi @ Mt Hope’s last blog post..Self

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  12. Amy, both pics are great, especially the one of you and your little girl. Angie’s right about the point and shoot. I nearly got a concussion when I banged myself in the head with my SLR – way too big for my small hand but I managed.

    Thanks for visiting my blog to see Ruby. It meant a lot!

    Dot O’s last blog post..Welcome Ruby

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