This week our theme is No Flash. Since I rarely use my flash, this was easy for me!

Kid Entry

I can’t believe how big my son is getting! I just took this photo at one of his soccer games. I thought it turned our really nice considering how much I zoomed on my old point and shoot camera.

Adult Entry

This was taken at last year’s State Fair of Texas. This is “Little Tex” because he has NO BODY! Thought this would be fun to show today:-) Hope you will enter a photo in our challenge this week!

*** I’m a co-founder of I ? Faces and only entering for fun. Good luck to all who enter!!! ***

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  1. Great photos! I love the action shot of your son. The vignetting is really effective

  2. The Super-Secret Spy Lens is my favorite item from your website. My kids are at the stage where if I have the camera they immediately put on their “clown” faces. Ugh! Hard to get a great shot these days.

  3. Both photos are excellent examples of great use of light! The first is a terrific action shot with wonderful color and light, and amazing since your zoomed so far! The second is a perfect example of how light shade is the photographer’s friend…Little tex looks fabulous!!

  4. Wow that first shot is proof a great photographer can use any camera. I would’ve never known it was on a point and shoot!
    Lil Tex I thought was a optical illusion until I read the caption!

    Tonya’s last blog post..iHeart Faces- No Flash

  5. Your pictures are beyond creative this week!!! I love the sports shot… I think I see so many individual faces around here that I forget it could have other kids in the picture!

    And Little Tex… um, hilarious!!! Crazy, but hilarious!

    Heather’s last blog post..I ? Faces – "No Flash"

  6. Little Tex totally weirds me out. Cool picture though…he’s definitely interesting and makes me think so many questions about how he must survive.

    Love your kids shot. Your sons face has so much determination.

    Melissa Y’s last blog post..My Week as a Road Widow

  7. Gracious.. it took me a minute to figure out that adult photo! I was about to ask what diet he was on! VERY cool and eye-catching! I love the photo of your son, too.. I’m still working on freezing motion in action shots. I’m not so sure that he’s thrilled with you for taking all the pictures… but it’s a great shot!

    Pam D’s last blog post..Please pray….

  8. Great kids entry! So, um, I had to take a second, third, and forth look at Little Tex. Before reading your caption I couldn’t figure out the photo. Doesn’t help I’m tired as heck and can’t pull myself away from I Heart Faces!

    Keri’s last blog post..I Heart Faces

  9. I love your Kids photo Amy ~ great action and movement we captured there with such clarity. The Adult photo is so colorful and fun…even though he’s freaking me out a bit.

    So, when do we start planning the betrothal of your son and Weslea? We have the two little ones taken care of so maybe we should start on the older two now. Hmmm… 😉

    theArthurClan’s last blog post..I ? Faces – Week 11 (No Flash!)

  10. Okay…Little Tex freaks me out a bit : ) but I absolutely LOVE your kids photo!! You must have had your ISO set pretty high to have captured all that movement so perfectly without a flash.

  11. Okay…Little Tex freaks me out a bit : ) but I absolutely love your kids photo. You must have had it set on a pretty high ISO to capture all of that movement so perfectly without a flash.

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