? Faces “Sun Flare” Photo Challenge

This was my first EVER attempt at putting my camera on manual mode. I was very excited to catch this sun flare! It caused a nerd alert among my friends… they didn’t know what all the excitement was about. ha!



* I’m one of the Co-Founders of I ? Faces and doing this just for fun, no winning for me.*


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Be sure to look through some entries this week, sun flare is always fun!


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  1. That’s a lovely shot and worthy of a nerd moment 😀 I’m amazed that you can remember it was your first ever manual shot though – must have been the flare that made it so memorable 😀

  2. The first time I got sun flare, I was fooling around outside, taking self portraits of myself. I was totally surprised, but I loved the effect! The next couple times I tried to get one, I got silhouettes… and then I was taking pictures of my husband and son outside, and I got one by accident!

    I think I’m addicted to sun flare, now. I’m going to try to keep getting it! 😀

    Great picture, I love all the smiles and the background is cool, too! Were you at a football stadium?

  3. Heh, I remember the first time I caught flare. I was so excited! I showed it to my husband and he was all “meh, what is with all the artifact?” and totally blew my sunflare high.
    He’s not arty. He doesn’t get the whole look of the flare.
    Now I have keep my sunflare parties to myself 🙂 Love yours, by the way.
    .-= tiff´s last blog ..Bright. =-.

  4. Nerd alert! That’s funny because I’m pretty sure I get that all the time…people just don’t usually say it. (But I know they’re thinking it!) 🙂 You have such a pretty group of friends. I think the processing on this photo is perfect!
    .-= Andrea´s last blog ..i ? faces ~ sun flare =-.

  5. pfft. You just toss this off like no big deal. Well, let me tell ya.. to me? It’s a BIG deal! I’ve read online tutorials and tried to figure it out, but if I get sunflare, I pretty much also get silhouettes. Or close to it. grrr. Anyway, yes, you SHOULD be jumping up and down because of that shot and yes, my friends have their “nerd alert” radar gong when I come around, too. Cause if I get anything even close to sunflare, it’s like the heavens part and the angels sing, and I expect EVERYONE to stop and worship. Just sayin’…..
    .-= Pam D´s last blog ..I Heart Faces-Sunflare at Sunset =-.

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