This week is our first Pet Contest!

The winning pet face will be featured on our button. I can’t wait to see the cute pets! My cat, Rocky Balboa, challenged the other pets. He’s very competitive, but of course when I went to take his photo he was NOT in a very photographic mood. I did get him to hold still for this one. The bad thing about cats is they are not all that fun… so we had to do a fancy shot:-)

Have fun looking at the adorable pets who’ve been entered in our contest. This week’s kid’s and adult’s theme is “The Eyes Have It”. Pets can be entered with the “Anything Goes” theme.


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  1. I love this photo. What a handsome boy…with a great name too! Neat how you took the fact that he’s black and white and made the photo all black and white too, with only the eyes colored. Too cool. My photographer husband will like!

  2. That photo brought tears to my eyes–your kitty looks a lot like our George, who died about two years ago. I still miss him so much. He was the best cat we’ve ever had.

    If you want to see pictures of our George, I have some on my blog. Just do a search for George and you’ll find some.

    Those are so much like George’s eyes. . .sniff.

    Kim from Hiraeth’s last blog post..The Eyes Have It!

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