“Nostalgia” Photo Challenge

This is my mom’s front porch in Oklahoma. It’s my favorite part of her home. A place where I played Charlie’s Angels with the neighbor girls, had tea parties, where my prom photos were taken and where I sat with many friends over the years. Well over twenty years of memories were made on this porch and I’m so happy it’s still around for the next generation. This photo definitely makes me smile!




I’m one of the Co-Founders of I ? Faces and doing this just for fun.



What are are you nostalgic about? Come on over to I ? Faces and share a photo with us!




If you haven’t heard… we’re having our very first Photography Workshop this November!

Click the logo below to get more details. It’s going to be great… we can’t wait!!



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  1. Not only is it a great photo to bring on that nostalgia, but what a great capture of them in action. Love this picture! I truly tells a story.

  2. A great photograph tells a story and/or captures the emotion in the photo- you did just that! My two little boys dress up in their cousins old halloween costumes all of the time and my baby girl just got her first little teapot for her 1st birthday! I cannot wait for tea parties with her! Love, love this photo!

  3. I love how much you captured in the first photo…the kids in the costumes (adorable) and the table set for tea. Loving the processing here too and the memory of playing “Charlie’s Angels”…my friends and I had fun with that too.

  4. Oh this just could not be cuter – i love kids playing dress-up! 🙂 adorable! and i love the processing too! 🙂

  5. I always loved my Mom’s porch, I loved her porch swing so much. I have so many wonderful memories of her front porch. Great Picture…

  6. I’m with TidyMom–we moved so often that we don’t have a nostalgic home setting. Now my husband and I are looking for our first “forever” home and one of the must-have features is a large porch! I love your memories that you made there and that your children are currently making! so neat!

  7. oh Amy I LOVE that shot! and I LOVE the color!

    My parents moved several times, so I don’t have a place to go “home” to 🙁


  8. i’d love a porch like this! what great memories you must have there – thanks for sharing your photos :O)

    my photo is posted, too. feel free to come on over and visit anytime :O).

  9. Amy, Amy, Amy! LOVE your picture. How cute are your little kiddos. So sweet. Porches are such special parts of a home. I just love all the memories this brings back. Really lovely editing too. So soft and light. Magical : )

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