? Faces “Contemplative” Photo Challenge

She stood there for about 2 minutes (a long time for a 3 year old!) deciding whether she wanted to get those boots wet. In the end, she decided puddle jumping was a must!!


* I’m one of the Co-Founders of I ? Faces and doing this just for fun, no winning for me. *


This is also pet week.

Guess what?? We have 2 new pets! 


This is my son’s fish Reddy. My daughter picked out a tiny purple fish and named it Pinky! ha! This is what happens when daddy takes them to the pet store.

Come on over to I ? Faces and share a photo with us! Enter Monday & Tuesday (Tues. until noon this week).



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  1. I really love the fact that your daughters fish is named pinky 🙂
    Your contemplative shot is so great. Looks like someone cut it out from a magazine. Thanks for sharing.

  2. so cute! those curls are adorable–and the outfit with the boots! what a great shot.

    i had a beta fish during college (when all we could have in the dorms was fish) and he lived for 2 and 1/2 years! he was a well traveled fish, going back and forth from the dorm to home.

  3. Great shot! I love that it makes you wonder what she’s thinking….er….contemplating 🙂 Perfect for this week. I’ve been waiting for this week’s theme since the second I saw it listed. I get to use one of my favorite pictures of Julia.

  4. Oh, how cute! And definitely a girl thing…. boys have NO problem just totally trashing new boots (and shoes, and pants, and any other article of clothing that gets in the way of having fun!). Thanks for showing the way! My post is already up and waiting for Mr. Linky… no late night edits this week. Yippee!

  5. Oh my gosh I LOVE your picture Amy! I was on facebook this morning and I saw that you had posted all ready. I was AMAZED at how quickly you got this done : ) WAY TO GO! Very, very sweet : ). She is a cutie and I am in LOVE with those boots! : ) Hope you have a happy Sunday!

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