UPDATE: This bag is now gone from The Hermés site. You can make this bracelet instead…
Picture 3

Alright girly girls…. I found the cutest thing for you crafty types! Who says you can’t afford a Hermés bag? Now you can download one for free and make it yourself! Go to their web site and click on “the world of Hermés”. This is a great idea for party crafts and favors for kids and adults.

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  1. @Linda,
    Hello Linda, better late than never, it is necessary to go on the site of Mel’ stamp which protected pdf 😉 by to search (has cause of date) I hope that he(it) will be even time(weather),
    sorry i am French then…

  2. Hello Amy, thank you for your blog, please excuse my language because I am French and speak little about the American, then as regards the bag Hermes, by searching the archives of the blog of “Mel ‘ stamp” you should find the links pdf that she(it) protected!!! She(it) is brilliant! To go to make a tour(ballot) you should estimate(appreciate) except when you already know I hope to do a service with this information
    bye bye Julia (translate reverso lol)

  3. Please pleasePlease has someone still got the PDF of the Kelly bag.
    I would love it to use as a wedding flavor ‘box’ for my daughters forth coming wedding

  4. Does anyone have a kelly bag pdf, I mean all of them? I want it so bad, but I can’t find it anymore.

  5. Once I get to the website, I can get to the section that you pictured above…then what? I can’t tell how to get print it.

  6. With my stamping business, I have made so many of these types of bags and I love every single one of them (and my daughter adores them too!) Soooo cute!

    Angie in OH

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