If you are a child of the 80’s like me, then you LOVED Hello Kitty. I found some great party inspiration and free printables to share.

This is the cookie cake my mom made for my daughter last week. Isn’t this cute? All she did was get those yummy grocery store cookies, stack them up and put a McDonald’s Hello Kitty toy on top. I thought it turned out precious. She had 4 dozen cookies, so it was really high!


If you want to get really fancy, head over to Bakerella’s site and learn how to make Hello Kitty Cake Pops.


These are cute homemade cupcakes courtesy of alliecat273 via Flickr. You could also use mini M&M’s and put the eyes a little further apart. Cutting a bow from a fruit roll-up would be cute too.


This Hello Kitty Color-a-Cookie Kit
would be a fabulous activity for a party!

Here is a free printable party invitation.


All all kinds of cute free coloring sheets!

Picture 54

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  1. Cute, Cute, Cute! Wish I’d seen the cookie idea before my daughters party last weekend. Probably would’ve been much cheaper than the cake we bought. And are still eating because the smaller size one wasn’t enough for everyone, the next size up was HUGE!

  2. My daughter has just turned 4 and she is obsessed with everything Hello Kitty. So we threw her a Hello Kitty for her birthday. As I live in the UK I couldn’t find any party items in the shops but I found a great deal online and I absolutely love your ideas!

  3. Do you believe I grew up without knowing about Hello Kitty. Isn’t that crazy? These ideas are so fun. I just need a daughter because I am afraid I would get kicked out of the party room if I brought these to a party for Kaish : )

  4. that is SO cute! it almost makes me wish i had a little girl just so i could throw her a hello kitty birthday party. but i actually bet i have so me girlfriends who would also love a hello kitty party!

  5. Did you know I collected all the Hello Kitty Happy Meal toys when they were at McD’s a couple years ago. I actually ordered Happy Meals for my kids and then told the person at the window I had girls (I have all three boys) just so I could get Hello Kitty.

    I think the kids got mad at me cause they found my Hello Kitty stash and pulled all their heads off.

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