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Tribe Leaders are experienced, encouraging, empathetic Thought Leaders from your particular areas of interest or “tribe.” Natural mentors, they know what interests you, what concerns you, what you want and need to explore in more detail, and they are prepared to help you maximize your BlissDom experience.

Thursday morning, after the opening keynote, join your “tribe” for roundtable discussions.  Then throughout the weekend, think of your Tribe Leaders as your mentors.

Are you a craft or DIY blogger? Join our DIY Tribe!

Leaders are me, Laurie from Tip Junkie and Marie from Make & Takes.

  • We’ll meet Thursday from 10 am-12 pm for a round-table discussion and craft in the Tennessee Ballroom.
  • Join the DIY/Craft Tribe Flickr group & get started with the assignments.
  • Use Twitter hashtags #DIY & #Blissdom.

See the entire tribe options and schedule here.

Giveaway Winner

Congrats to Marlis for winning The Reluctant Entertainer!

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