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Don’t you just love Harry Connick Jr.?? Or is it just me? I remember when he married that Victoria’s Secret model, my dreams were shattered. I guess he didn’t get the memo that he was supposed to marry me! ha! Okay, so when I found out I was getting to review his new album, Your Songs, I got just a bit excited:-)


Let me tell you about the album, then you’ll have a chance to win one of your own!

Basically, it’s Harry’s smooth, jazzy vocals and a wonderful big band and string orchestra performing classic hits. You might have seen him on Oprah last week. If you catch the View today, he’ll be on!

It’s a very mellow album and great music for a party or just singing along with the kids. I can’t get “The Way You Look Tonight” and “Close to You” out of my head now.

This behind the scene look at ‘Making of’ the album will give you a sample of the songs. You can also become a Harry Connick Jr. fan on Facebook.

Songs list:album

All The Way (Frank Sinatra)
Just The Way You Are (Billy Joel)
Can’t Help Falling In Love With You (Elvis Presley)
And I Love Her (The Beatles)
(They Long To Be) Close To You (The Carpenters)
Besame Mucho
The Way You Look Tonight
First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (Roberta Flack)
Your Song (Elton John)
Some Enchanted Evening
And I Love You So (Don McLean)
Who Can I Turn To? (Tony Bennett)
Smile (Charlie Chaplin)
Mona Lisa (Nat King Cole)

Want to win Harry’s new album?

1. Leave a comment to be entered to win.

Do you love Harry too? What’s your favorite song on this new album? Are you old enough to remember his music from “When Harry met Sally?”???? ha!

2. For an extra entry, Twitter about this giveaway. (Be sure to leave a second comment with your Twitter link)

Sample Tweet:  Win the new Harry Connick Jr. album from @livinglocurto – Leave a comment to enter: #HarryConnickJr.

* Giveaway ends Tuesday, October 6th at 8 pm Central.

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  1. Oh my goodness. I was devastated when he went from big band to funk – I had dreams of playing in his band! My favorite song of his is and ever will be Just Kiss Me, though there are countless that would fight for second place.

  2. I just watched Harry on Oprah and fell even more in love with the guy- he was so sweet and genuine and talking about his relationship with his wife and kids. I love ’em all, but especially Just The Way You Are.

  3. I love Harry! I’ve seen him in concert three times and he puts on such a fabulous show. I’m excited to hear Harry sing in Spanish, so I’m looking forward to hearing Besame Mucho.

  4. “First Time Ever I Saw Your Face”… gets me every time I hear it! Thanks for the chance at winning.

  5. I’ve loved Harry for so many years! When Harry Met Sally? Absolutely fell in love with him!! I have purchased every single album and have seen him in concert when he performed at SMU in 2001! The man can SING!!! And it doesn’t hurt that he’s also handsome… I will be listening to the newest album as soon as I can get my hands on it!

  6. Billy Joel’s “I Love You Just the Way You Are” is AMAZING when Harry sings it! It absolutely melts my heart. My (almost 3 year old) son loves Harry too! Hearing him sing along always makes me smile.

  7. I love Harry’s music…not so much his acting…but his music is great. I had a roommate in college who was obsessed with him, so, thanks to Jill, I’m also a lover.

  8. I am having some trouble submitting my comment so if it appears more than once I am really sorry!

    I really love his voice because it is so smooth and yummy to listen to. As for the song I love most on this album…(They Long To Be) Close To You got stuck in my head the instant I read it on the list and I don’t mind a bit.


  9. we love listening to harry connick jr. esp, my mom. i’d love to win the cd to give to her as a gift!

  10. LOVE ME SOME HARRY!!! I’m so excited he’s coming out with a new album… And I’m so glad I haven’t missed this giveaway!

  11. The Way You Look Tonight. Horrible – but it was ‘our song’ between myself and an ex and I will forever love the song (the ex not so much).

  12. “(They long to be) Close to You” the Carpenters song would have to be my favorite. I love the standards, but it’s nice to see artists branch out to include The Carpenters, Billy Joel, Beatles, etc. And unfortunately, I will have to admit that I was around, and very much remember that movie “When Harry Met Sally”. I actually have that soundtrack. I am forty-years-old, but my husband swears that I was born in a different era. He makes fun of me that all my CD’s are of dead people, except for Harry Connick and Michael Buble. I have to admit that listening to that genre transports me to a better place and time.

    P.S. I hope your son feels better soon. My son’s pediatrician here in North Carolina said that the swine flu that they have diagnosed has not been severe and they have not had to hospitalize anyone.

    Linda Green πŸ™‚

  13. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, Harry! “The Way You Look Tonight” has to be spectacular sung by him.

    Please enter me in your give away. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  14. Oh I love me some Harry! Saw him in concert a few years ago; and he was such a gentleman. How does one pick a favorite song???? He could sing just about anything to melt my heart. And oh, When Harry Met Sally; still one of my favs.

  15. Wow…I think I would have to say The Way you Look Tonight but his voice is so incredible…anything would be perfect.

  16. I saw him this week on Today show singing…”All The Way”
    Wonderful voice, love it.
    But my fav is” Can’t help falling in Love with you ”
    He acts wonderfully also, doesn’t he?

  17. I would love the cd for my 8 year old. He goes to sleep to his Christmas cd every night. We are fans of his version of Frosty the snowman. Oh and I love him in Hope Floats.

  18. I love Harry and love “Can’t help falling in love with you” I would love to win also!~ Philicia

  19. My heart just melted as I read through the list of songs and imagined Harry singing them. The Beatles “And I Love Her” created the biggest melt down.

  20. Sometime back in the early 90’s, Harry went all experimental on one of his albums. It was pure funk, and it followed a string of big band-style albums. He did a show at Chastain (neat outdoor venue in Atlanta), and I bought tickets for me and hubby (who will be SIXTY in October and loves that style of music). Chastain is one of those places where you bring gourmet food, wine, candles, etc and set up for a lovely “dinner and a show” night; we hauled a billion pounds of stuff for probably a mile, only to get to the park and find out that Harry had declared that no coolers were allowed. Strike one. Then, after hauling everything back to the car and RUNNING to get back and get seated, he started his set and it was TOTALLY different that what we expected, and not in a good way. There was a mass exodus of blue-hairs and folks with canes (no lie); we gutted it out but hubby was not lovin’ the music. Strike two. THEN, the heavens unexpectedly opened up, and it poured. Strike three… we were OUT of there. I was so sad; ever since then, his music has been back in the realm of what hubby and I both love. But that time? Not so much. This album sounds PERFECT as a 60th birthday gift for my honey… :<)

  21. Hands down Amy, Best giveaway i’ve come along in a while! Really would love to own this album! I can’t wait to hear all of them, but I love The Way You Look Tonight!

    And who can forget when Harry Met Sally, or Hope Floats, or…I could go on!

    Hope your son gets to feeling better soon!

  22. I love Harry’s voice, so 40’s. About 3 years ago, having burn out from the Wiggles and other kid music, I decided I was going to buy Mom a new ADULT CD, of course Harry. I grabbed the first one I saw which was the album Songs I know. I get in my car put it in and ITS KIDS SONGS! Oh well, at least I got to hear his voice! Hope I win!

  23. I adore him! I would love to hear him sing “Some Enchanted Evening!” I really really adored him as an actor in Hope Floats. He’s so great in that!

  24. I can’t imagine any song not being outstanding! I saw him in concert at the outdoor pavilion in The Woodlands, and it was amazing! Can’t wait to hear Mona Lisa!

  25. How can you not love Harry? We just watched “When Harry Met Sally” the other night and reminisced about how it was the first time I’d heard him–and fell in love right away. I’ve got all his albums and was lucky enough to see him once in concert… Love him!

  26. I so remember the movie, “When Harry met Sally!” (I’m 45.) That’s the first time I had ever heard of him and just fell in love with his vocals and his smooth interpretations of the songs. I listened to the soundtrack so much, I knew which song came next on the CD. I think I’ll pull up iTunes and listen to it now as I wait to win (could I be so lucky) the new CD!

  27. I would absolutely love to win this album! I have loved his music for so many years!!!! I loved the movie he was in with Sandra Bullock….I forget the name. :0P

    It’s my birthday today and this would make a great present!!!

  28. Please, please pick me! My dream has always been to walk into some little bar in New Orleans and find Harry at the piano playing all the old favorites. Sounds like this album will have to substitute for that.

  29. Oh yes, I LOVE Harry Connick Jr! I’ve actually had a chance to see him in person at the world premiere of the movie Independence Day (not like I got to talk to him…or touch him or anything…but he was right there…oh so close ) Favorite song I would say would probably be The Way You Look Tonight.

  30. The Way You Look Tonight is the best song ever. I can’t wait too hear how he sings it. He has been a favorite since Hope Floats.

  31. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Harry! I have seen him twice in concert. I have way too many faves to choose one, but I remember convincing my roommate in college that she should use the song “Recipe for Making Love” for her dance finale. I also owned the CASSETTE TAPE of the When Harry Met Sally soundtrack! Still one of my faves. I would love this cd!

  32. I haven’t heard the new album yet but I’m sure I’ll love Just The Way You Are and The Way You Look Tonight. I’m definitely old enough…When Harry Met Sally is one of my all-time favorites and I can recite dialogue from that movie!

  33. I am usually the gal that downloads one song at a time. But MY GOSH! I want this entire album! His voice is just so soothing. Can’t you just picture a roaring fire, a glass of wine and this album playing? I would absolutely love to have this album!

  34. Love “When Harry Met Sally” soundtrack! Heck, I just love to hear him TALK. Fave song on new album is “Way You Look Tonight”

  35. Thank goodness there are some other folks who remember WHMS AND The Carpenters! I think I’ve had The Carpenters on 8-track, cassette and CD! Probably vinyl too. Would love to add a little Harry to my collection!

  36. Does that make me old if I DO remember his music from Harry/Sally? πŸ™‚

    I love “Some Enchanted Evening.” I love the original, and Harry’s version is very cool.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  37. I’ve been a Harry fan for years upon years. When I was in elementary school people made fun of me because I listened to music like this rather than that which was considered “cool.”

  38. When Harry Met Sally–ah, I had it on cassette and practically wore it out during roadtrips in the 90’s. It was my first of many Harry Connick Jr albums.

  39. Some Enchanted Evening will be so great with Harry singing it! I might just have to buy this (when) I don’t win…I never win, but I couldn’t help but have a little hope for this!! I got to see him live about 12 years ago and it was nothing short of AWESOME. I <3 Harry Connick!!

  40. I am old enough to remember when harry met sally and I would have to go with the way you look tonight for my favorite song. It sends chills up my spine when ever I hear it. I love Harry, his Christmas CDs really make the holidays fun.

  41. I love Harry! AND, I LOVED the carpenters! When I was a kid I used to listen to their TAPE over and over. I wanted to BE Karen Carpenter πŸ™‚ My mom wouldn’t let me play the drums, though…
    All that to say, I think I’m gonna love Close To You.

  42. I love Harry! And I remember his songs in When Harry Met Sally. My favorite on this new album might be Can’t Help Falling In Love with You.

  43. I remeber the songs from When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless in Seattle .. hope to win to listen more πŸ™‚

  44. Love Harry! saw him live in concert in the early ’90s, so yeah, I’m that old. I love about every song listed on the album, and since I haven’t heard his versions of them yet, I’d be hard pressed to pick a fav. Truly a talented artist! I’d love to win!

  45. Oh man… how to pick one song? He could sing my daughter’s math textbook and I would swoon… seriously! I saw him in concert once, with a good friend. We paid for the best seats in the house… big splurge. So.Totally.Worth.It! He smiled at us! *wink*

    I love the Carpenters music… so Close to You might be my favorite… if I was forced to pick!

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  46. One of my best friends from my early college days was Harry’s band pianist for his first tour. Brush with greatness. And yes, that was 1989, so YES, we WELL remember Harry and Sally. My VHS tape was WARPED from MULTIPLE viewings!!!

  47. I love All the Way. It’s such a great love song. I’ve never seen When Harry Met Sally, but I do remember his music on Sleepless in Seattle.

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