I made these for my kid’s teachers and classmates. I was so glad I was able to print these last minute! I didn’t plan very far in advance for all the parties.

Who knew there would be so much involved in a Kindergarten Valentine’s Day party?!! I was wore out from just being there less than an hour. I don’t know how teachers of young children do it?

The kids really enjoyed this game of bingo with candy hearts. The one time they actually sat still:-)

Do you go to every party at your kid’s school? Do they overwhelm you like they do me? I love a good party, but not with so many kids I guess.


Have you seen I ? Faces’s Fix it Friday?

I love to see how the contributing photographers will turn a drab photo into a fabulous one. Do you think they could fix this one???

When I returned home from my Nashville trip, this is what I found! Notice the shoes, non matching coat and upside down sunglasses. Oh, and her hair had not been brushed all weekend. LOL! Dads are great, but they can always use help in the dressing department. ha!

Have a fun Valentine’s Day weekend!


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