We’ll be celebrating this sweet girl’s 4th birthday on the ship today! Carnival was so sweet and will be bringing out a fancy chocolate cake at dinner tonight. She’s going to be SO happy!

This was my dance costume from the 70’s! Don’t you love vintage tutus?

Happy 4th Birthday Sweet Girl!!

I just realized it’s my blog’s 2nd birthday as well. Hard to believe it’s been two years! I’ve enjoyed every day of it and met some amazing people through this blog! I feel so blessed to have such amazing readers, blog friends and wonderful support in the online community. Thanks to all of you who have been reading for two years and all of you who are new here. You’re the best!!!

P.S.- When I get back from my cruise, I have MORE exciting news. I know… I can’t believe it either!?! No, I’m not going on another trip!! Rats. But I will say this is something of a dream for me and it also has to do with Halloween. Wheeeee!

Come back tomorrow for the CUTEST freebie ever! Lots more guest post free printables coming up.

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  1. Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl and happy Blogiversary to you! You are so adorable and your printables are a God send to me. Thank you for continuing to do what you love and making us all happy in the process.

  2. She is tutu cute…it is way too early for that joke, isn’t it? Hope she has a fabulous birthday! I am so jealous you are crusin’ -those are my very favorite vacations!

  3. Oh man how cute…I love “mother” hand me downs.
    sounds like the fun keeps coming.
    Happy day

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