It’s officially my birthday week here at Living Locurto!

I didn’t realize until today, that I’ve been blogging a whole year. Wow! I’ve had an amazing journey and can’t imagine not having so many of you great blog and Twitter friends in my world. Remember this 80’s hair contest? Ha! (If any of you know Angie from I Heart Faces… you have to click on that link to see her hair!!)

It was also a year ago that my son started riding a bike and gave me content for my first blog post. That’s what I love about blogging… I would have never remembered that moment if it wasn’t on my web site!

Since I love a good party, I thought it was fitting to show photos of my son’s 1st birthday party today. The theme was “On the Farm”… it’s the one that started my love of throwing awesome birthday parties for my kids!

I didn’t make this cake, but it inspired me to start making my own. How cute was this?? You can see the invitation I designed on the left side of the photo. It was a barn and the doors opened up to see the party details.

I built this barn out of a big cardboard box! It was so much fun to make and paint.

He was already running by the time he turned one, so this was REALLY fun for him!

I hot glued silk sun flowers all over the barn. They actually lasted for a while before he pulled them all off.

He really enjoyed the pictures on the inside of the barn door too. I think those lasted about a day before he ripped them off!

For more fun, He and his friend went for a hayride around the house in his new wagon. You can tell this was after cake because he’s shirtless:-)

Find printables for your On the Farm Party in my shop!

Hope you had fun at the first birthday party! Can’t believe it’s been a year!! How long have you been blogging??

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  2. Since I made this 10 years ago, I’m trying to remember. ha! I’m pretty sure that I cut the front top flap and back flaps to be barn shaped, then scored (bent) the side flaps to shape like a barn roof, then hot glued everything together. I do remember using a lot of hot glue and duct tape under the roof.

  3. Would love to know how you constructed the top roof portion of the box barn? My son would love this. Could you email me?

  4. Well my son’s party isn’t until October, so maybe I still can get them from you this summer! I will keep an eye out for your new shop!!!!! Thanks!!!

  5. @Jennifer,

    Thanks! I don’t sell them now, but probably will in my new shop I plan to open this summer. Just too busy right now:-)

  6. I love the invitations in the picture above. Can you tell me how you made these, or better yet do you make them to sell?

  7. I am hoping that you still check these comments…..I would love to know how you built the barn out of cardboard boxes did you break them down and then tape, glue them back together. I would love to do this for my son’s 1st birthday party.

  8. A. Happy 1st Blogiversary!
    B. That cardboard barn box is AMAZING…way better than any toy you could have bought.
    C. The cake is pretty incredible too.
    D. I love that the “theme” for the party was not “character-driven” (SpongeBob, Dora, Cars, etc.).

    Keep up the good work here @ Living Locurto!

    Stephanie’s last blog post..DO GOOD with Baked Goods

  9. Amy, I have been following your blog which I love. I want to make your chocolate chip cookie recipe. But I just wanted to make sure that I got the pudding part right. Is is a small or large package of pudding and is the pudding part prepared (with milk) or just dump the powder in to the batter?
    thanks for you help and by the way lucky boy to have such a great party.

  10. Happy Blog Birthday!! Gosh, the barn that you made…INCREDIBLE!! It looks like something that could have been purchased. You’re so talented!! Hope you have a great day today!

    Mandi’s last blog post..A Quick Summer Treat

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