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A few years ago, we decorated our door for Halloween. Yesterday, my daughter drew a monster door on a piece of paper and 30 minutes later, we turned him into reality.

This Halloween door decor idea was all my daughter’s. It was fun to make this with her. He might not be the cutest or best looking monster, but it was a fun and cheap craft activity that we got to do together.

We just used things we already had around the house. She colored in the eyes on paper plates and made a “witch” nose,  while I created her creepy mouth that she sketched onto a piece of foam board.

After laying it out on the floor, she gave me the approval to hang it on the door.

Halloween Door Monster Easy Craft - LivingLocurto.com

Using duct tape, we stuck it all onto our door for a creepy monster!

Halloween Door Monster Easy Craft - LivingLocurto.com

Yeah, we might have a weird-looking house now, but it was a fun time making this Halloween door with my daughter!

Want another easy Halloween Door craft idea?

Easy Halloween Craft - Creepy Doors by Amy at LivingLocurto.com

In a few simple steps, you can create a spooky monster or a silly spider door like we did a few years ago.

Use cute Halloween tape and get extra creative! Try Glow in the Dark Tape to make your door extra fun.


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