The hair cut botch of 2008 had to be written about on my blog. Here’s a funny parenting story that you might be able to relate to!

When you try to cut your son’s hair yourself!

I just started cutting my son’s hair myself with my new hair trimmers. I must say, I’ve been doing a pretty great job up until today!

The front of his new hair cut, looks good right? He’s so cute, I LOVE the above photo of him. This is his natural smile which I hardly ever catch on camera.

Now, here is the back.

Whoops!!! See the strip of baldness? I wasn’t thinking and forgot to put the little shield on the clippers and buzzed a line up his head!

I freaked out at first, but after cutting the rest, it turned out okay. I’m sure by next week, it will have grown out. At least he doesn’t seem to care. He likes to feel it, thinks it’s cool.

Maybe I should do another strip on the other side and it will look like I meant to do it? ha!

Below is a photo from later that day.

The kids were dancing to a hooked on phonics song while I cleaned out sissy’s closet. Good times!

They were doing something with the diaper boxes too. I have no idea what though? 

It’s fun to watch them play nice. 

Parenting A Toddler is Always Interesting

Tonight we taught sissy how to get what she wants from big bro… She says “Please Mr. Wonderful?” He thinks that is so cute that he gives her whatever it is right away. Of course it sounds more like “Pees, mia wonful?”

Notice she is wearing pull up diapers! Yes, she has started peeing in the potty regularly. Only when I ask her though, she doesn’t tell me when she has to go.

Thank the lord, she has been telling me when she has to poop! It saved one of my friends having to clean a “floater” out of her pool. She won’t go on the potty though. Bummer.

Oh the things we talk about with toddlers! ha! 

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  1. Congrats on the hair cutting revolution. I have done this before. However, this is an easy fix! Just use the 1 guard and fade up just like you already have done. It’s going to be shorter than you wanted, but he won’t have the stripe!

    Also, thanks for the encouragement!!

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