This past weekend was so much fun!! I was able to attend a mini reunion with some of my college girlfriends. We were sorority sisters at Oklahoma State. Which means we have lived together and known each other since 1989!! I’m so lucky to have a great group of girlfriends who I still keep in touch with, these are just a few who live close enough to come for a quick weekend.

Heather, Tina, Holly, Amy (me) and Jana

We stayed at Jana’s awesome new house. Her husband and kids were gone so we had the pool and house to ourselves. No kids or husbands… NICE!!!:-) Of course, all we did was eat and tell stories the entire time… so much for taking advantage of the pool. I only made it on Saturday and missed Jana’s home cooking Friday night, which I hear was terrific. (Jana used to cook for 80+ girls in our sorority house on Sundays.) I was lucky and got to sample one of her yummy pasta salads! Jana- send me that recipe so I can put on my blog for everyone. Yum!

I scanned a few shots from the early 90’s so you can see before and after pics.

Fun times!

I think we were trying to be silly sexy in this photo.

Oh Yeah… looking good. ha!

Nice black panty hose. That’s hot.

Oh… gotta love Tina’s bangs in this group shot below. Sorry Tina, but since you weren’t in our silly sexy formal shot, I had to show your big hair! ha.

Photo from 1990. Amy in top right, Jana is in the middle bottom and look for Tina’s bangs on the right!

Our friend Jennifer came too. She and Jana were freshman roommates. Jennifer is probably one of the most fun and outgoing people you will ever meet! She had everyone cracking up that afternoon.

We finally stopped gabbing and went to a nice restaurant on a lake near Jana’s house. Isn’t this so pretty?

We met up with another friend Allison. Fun!

It’s so wonderful to have girlfriends. I will always love these women no matter how old, fat or crazy we all get! Thanks for staying up until 3 am talking and laughing. I really needed to hear your laughter and listen to your stories. It’s hard to believe we have known each other for nearly 20 years! WOW… Time Flies!

It won’t be long before we are the big 4-0!!! Any of you OSU gals in for a girl trip we’ll never forget? Maybe summer 2010? Tina, Holly and I talked about island hopping in Greece.

Monte-Carlo or a resort in Los Cabos would be awesome too. If you have an idea for us, leave a comment.

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  1. Hello!! This blogg is awesome Amy! I can’t do any of this fancy stuff! I am so sad I missed out on such a fun weekend!! You all look sooo beautiful! I’m always up for a girls weekend so let me know when and where! I miss you all and would love to see you!!

  2. You tech savvy girls!!! Hate you!!! I can barely use my damn cell phone….Anyway, what an awesome treat to hang with yall for a few hours last weekend and now get to read all these emails from everyone around the country. It’s so awesome to see everyone’s family pics and hear how you are doing. As I wrote a rec for my sitter whose going to college the other day, I had to smile 🙂
    Anyway, Did start my new job and spent the week in San Diego. Loved hearing all the old and new stories of everyone’s lives and proud to say I have such awesome friends from college. We all turned out pretty good – shockingly!!!! ha ha! love you guys! XO

  3. It was an awesome weekend! We need to get together more often. Thanks to Jana for being such a great hostess, spoiling us with good food! Enjoyed the laughter and reliving the “old days.”

  4. Hey girls 🙂

    I wish I could’ve made it!! Looks like you had a fabulous time. And, I agree with Julie, you guys (still) all look amazing! (Though, it’s hard to beat the young hotties in the formal pic!) Would’ve loved to have taken part in the ‘girl talk’ that went on into the wee hours. Thanks for sharing the pics. Would love to get together sometime soon…I’m definitely interested in a girl fun! xo

  5. This looks like so much fun! College girlfriends are the best. I’m still really close to several of mine and it always feels like we can pick right back up where we left off. Looks like we must’ve gone to college in the same era because lots of my photos from back then look similar (hair-wise, I mean!).

    Also, had to tell you I love your header. The ’80s DID rock! -Julia 🙂

  6. hey amy!! Love your blog!! You are amazing :0) good pics too!! Thanks for the kind words; you made my day!! I’ll come back this fall!! Jen

  7. Okay, I am pretty sure that you girls are more gorgeous than ever! FUN! LOVED seeing you all in one spot! I am sure this weekend was a blast & full of LOTS of scary/fun memories!

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