Favorite recipes and party ideas for the BIG Football game. Mouthwatering appetizers and drinks your Super Bowl Party guests will love!

I love football watching parties mainly because of the food! Notice how the party food is always comfort snacks like yummy dips, chips and burgers?  If you invite me to your Super Bowl Party, you’ll find me at the food table and coming out of the “stuff my face” phase to watch the commercials!

Before you start planning out your party recipes, check out my favorite recipes for a football watching party. I’m featuring game day appetizers like Spicy Buffalo Chicken Dip, easy Slow-Cooker Beef Sliders, an award-winning Antipasto Bake, Creative Cocktails and more!

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I’ve also got several NEW Game Day recipes coming soon that are perfect for a football watching party. Check back soon, you won’t want to what’s coming up!

Winning Ideas for a Football Party!

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