I took a blog break last night and sat for an entire hour and a half to watch LOST! Which was awesome by the way!! I’ve realized if I sit and watch TV that long, I fall asleep and then can’t make myself get up to do the things I was supposed to be doing before watching TV!! So I didn’t get my Mad Scientist Part 2 ready for today. I’ll just pass along some fun things I’ve found. Please come back on Friday for my sequel to the party.



I found this cute paper mouse tutorial on One Pretty Thing’s Valentine’s Day round up.

It was on a new web site that I’d never seen before called Inspired Ideas. Beautiful photography and inspiring creative projects. Right up my alley! The little mouse can be opened up to put a valentine inside. How cute is that?

Next week is the Bloggy Giveaway Carnival!! There will be hundreds of giveaways going on all over the blog world. I will be giving away a fancy smancy yummy candle from my new client Xela Aroma. If you make anything and would like me to do a giveaway for you, let me know.

Make sure to go see a sneak peak at my friend Bella’s great giveaways she will have going on.

I also have some exciting news…

I was asked to be a contributor for Blissfully Domestic’s Creative Channel.

I’d love your support over there. I’ll be sure to let you know when I have some “Creative Bliss” going on over there and begging you to leave a comment so I don’t look like a big looser!! ha.


I’m also going to add a section for parties along with a new guest mom blogger who blows me away with her party ideas!! I can’t wait to introduce you to her next week.


We are picking the finalists today for I ? Faces. Be sure to go look at all the wonderful entires. Thanks to all of you who particpated!!


My small home town tour was featured on Blog Around the World’s web site. Thanks to all of you who came over for a visit. It was lots of fun!!

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  1. Congrats on “Creative Bliss”! I’ll be sure to advertise on my blog on the days you are featured. And I’ll definitely leave a comment (or 2)!!

  2. We made those mousies last year for Valentine’s but stuck a dum-dum inside and left the stick to poke out as the tail. Of course, because it was for my fancy daughter’s Valentines, we also glued on tons and tons of sparkly glitter. 🙂
    Super cute.
    I would love to follow the party idea page. I made a Spy party for my son 2 years ago that was so awesome and I keep thinking I need to write about it and include the extras before it leaves my head. I still have kids asking for “Spy Party 2,” so it must’ve worked.
    Thanks for the great links and inspiration. 🙂

    min’s last blog post..Snow Fun!

  3. Aww, thanks for the shout-out. That mouse is SO cute. I get so excited when Inspired ideas comes out-those ladies are so creative! I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with for Creative Bliss!

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