Today I’ve got an easy and cheap Holiday gift idea!

I’m really so busy that I shouldn’t even be writing this post. But I can’t help myself. I’m addicted:-)

I’m glad that my design business is very busy, but sad that I don’t have time get my Christmas cards out, buy gifts or finish the laundry! I’m doing good to get my kids breakfast in the morning.

Instead of baking cookies for my daughter’s teachers like I’d planned, I bought a cookie magazine! ha. They’ll have to make their own.

$5 Holiday Gift Idea with Free Printable Christmas Tags.

It wasn’t perfect and you know what? They loved it! I tend to over do things way too much. Sometimes you don’t have to go all out and easy is well… easiest!!

Download the Free Printable Christmas Tags Here.

Speaking of perfect, that I definitely am not!

I thought you might like to see what most of my house looks like when you pull back from the nice close-up shots. This is a symbol of my chaotic life right now. To me, this actually looks pretty clean. Oh, probably because I had to move some junk to the floor!

$5 Holiday Gift Idea with Free Printable Christmas Tags.

Happy gift giving!


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  1. Hahahaha – I LOVE that you have a tiny light saber on the table! We are in the middle of a “Star Wars Extravaganza” phase with our 5 year old and often find tiny light sabers around the house!

    Great gift idea for teachers! I mean, they have a week or two off at the holidays, right? lol We love our son’s teachers and are always looking for creative ways to show them our appreciation for all they do so thank you for this!

  2. Great post- I will be heading to Target tomorrow to see if I can find a “cookie” book like that- I’m in need of a quick great idea and you helped with that! Thanks!
    Love the way you frame your shots- {a post about how you do that would be fun :}

  3. I’m with you… blogging is addicting… hard to stay away!
    That is a great idea for teacher gift… I did Target cards… I”m all about ease! Once again I do not have Christmas cards going out this year… maybe next year… if I get them ready in the summer…hmmmm

    Fifi Flowers’s last blog post..A Pink Gift to YOU…

  4. I wish I had come up with your awesome gift idea before I stayed up until 2:30 a.m. making teacher gifts! (And then…school was cancelled due to an ice storm. Can you even believe that?!) Really cute idea.

    BTW, your “messy” doesn’t even compare to mine right now. The four kiddos were left with dad all day…my house is beyond messy and has now fully entered disaster zone area. Yowza!

    The Arthur Clan’s last blog post..Ramblings and a Recipe.

  5. Hi Amy! Love your inspiration today. I too love Mary’s drawings. In fact, for years one of her illustration books grace one of my tables.

    Happy Friday! Have a wonderful weekend!

    Dot O’s last blog post..A Brief Escape

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