Martha Stewart’s Halloween workshop started this week. I’ve been getting emails with new ideas every day! I’m getting very excited for October!

Now is the time to think about costumes. If you buy them, you need to start looking soon before all the good ones are sold out. To help you with your shopping, I’ll feature some of the costumes I have found. Some are so cute, and some are so weird!

Here are the really cute ones for little people:

I would LOVE to put my daughter in one of those above, but it’s usually way too hot here in Texas to dress that warm. Maybe we’ll get a cold spell. I couldn’t decide on which one though!

Here are my favorite ideas for girls. I’m always up for a cute witch costume. The little Red Riding Hood would be easy to make at home with clothes we already have. 




My pick for boys… 



And now for the weird ones. ha! The baby ones are still cute, but of all the things you could dress up as… why would you choose food?

Just what every kid wants to be for Halloween right? And of course we all want to pay $90 at Pottery Barn Kids for these lovely costumes! Okay, maybe the fries are cute with the ketchup bag. But no way would my son want to wear this. You know these little models are thinking the same thing! I’m sure the art director was saying “Okay kids, please just try to look like you are so happy in these dumb costumes!”


I have to admit… this one is pretty funny!! I wonder if it smells? 


I’m a Dutch girl, I have real wooden shoes, but this is just plain weird… what’s with that hat? Ha!  Please, tell me you don’t own a Teletubbie costume!! 


I saved the best for last. I have to admit, I kind of like this! What boy wouldn’t want to be a potty? Think of all the fun things they could say all night! ha!


I don’t know why I even bother trying to come up with different costume ideas for my son. I know he’ll just want to be one of these:


Since Batman is his favorite, I’m sure my kids will end up trick or treating in these costumes.


Here are the sites where I found the costumes pictured above: &   


For those who prefer home-made costumes, I found the cutest girl costumes on Etsy!!! OMG! These are too cute! Please click the photos if you are interested and give these talented moms some business. They each have plenty more costumes.


Yaya Papaya has THE most adorable costumes I’ve ever seen! 


Alright, so now that I’ve given you some ideas you’re ready to go on your Halloween costume hunt. 

Make sure to come back in October for my Halloween Blog Party and have a chance to win fun prizes!

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  1. okay. i don’t think that person should be fired. i re-read that and decided that i needed to exhibit some grace. so…maybe just a good “talking to”…or something. i’m not that harsh. okay. bye.

  2. hey. i thought the EXACT same thing when i saw those pbk costumes. i feel like they need to fire whomever came up with those ideas. i think pbk needs to hold somebody to a little higher standard with their prices and reputation! COME. ON. anyway, i don’t want my kids to be food. but if it had to be food, how cute would a cupcake costume be with sprinkles? anna’s going to be a “moon and star fairy”, sterling “a cowboy” and caroline is yet to be determined! blessings!

  3. I love the air freshner!!! That is so funny.

    Katie and I like the lion and the elephant too.
    And those tutu are very pretty!
    We are headed to that website right now!


  4. I’m cracking up over those “food” costumes and your comments about them. Yeah, I can’t imagine either of my kids ever deciding to go as “pizza.” Like Linda, I have a son who always wants to wear a “scary guy mask” and black clothes. He’s saying he’s too old to go out this year. Makes me kinda sad that my days of dressing him up in cute Winnie-the-Pooh and pumpkin outfits are long over… -Julia

  5. Thanks for this glimpse into what`s out there for Halloween costumes. I am like a kid at Halloween, and always take a strong interest in helping my kids pick out their costumes. Like you, though, I have a son who, every year, wants to be either a ninja or “scary guy”! So, I look at these costumes and dream…

    Looking through your posts, I see I have finally found someone who loves pompom trim as much as me!!

    Love your blog!

  6. hahaha…i laughed soo hard at that car air freshner one that i almost choked to death!! Love me some martha stuart and Halloween has ot be the funest holiday of them all.

  7. Oh my lanta! all of those costumes are so adorable!
    I wish one of my crew would want to be the fries or toliet. Those take the cake of most weird but cute.
    Not sure what we will have running around the neighborhood this year. no one has said yet.
    I try and lean toward the homemade. Off to check out those Etsy shops.
    Thanks for doing all of my let work this year!
    Really can’t believe it is right around the corner, yikes!

  8. Wow … what great ideas! I am the worst … I always leave it until the last minute and my poor kids end up wearing ‘horrible’ homemade creations from the dress up bin.

    This year I am going to get on it!

  9. Wow, what adorable costumes. Makes me want my kids to be little again, or maybe, at least have a grandbaby. Where do you find the time to post and write while raising your family? I can only imaginge how busy you must be. Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Oh my…
    The little baby costumes are JUST SO CUTE!! I mean, so so cute, they make me giggle!
    I bet that’s why people would put their babies in “food” costumes – to make them laugh! I’m with you, the older kids ones are kind of dumb, but the baby as a hot-dog?? I’m going to have to remember this so that when I have a baby, I can dress him/her up like this! 😉

    I like the Batman and Batgirl costumes, they’re very cool.

  11. All of my boys want to be exactly like your son…either some kind of an army guy, or a star wars dude….the main requirement is that is has to have some kind of a fake gun. Just what I want to hear all night long (them making shooting noises.) I never get to buy them anything cute anymore.

    And my little girl who is almost eight refuses to be anything pretty anymore either. “I am soooo not into princesses now mom!” she always tells me. I’m going to have quite a time trying to find her a costume this year.

    Really cute finds though Amy. I really wish that I still had a baby for one of those infant costumes. 🙂

  12. A few weeks ago my oldest, predictably and much to my dismay, said he wanted to be a Power Ranger. Yesterday he changed his tune and now wants to be the Pink Panther! 🙂 That’s more to my liking but now I’ve got a real challenge to try to make a costume as I can’t find anything less than creepy on the Internets!

    I love the Pine Tree air freshener and (secretly) wish I had a girl to dress up in one of those beautiful princess costumes.

    Great ideas!

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