Free School Snack Labels

Free school printable labels for lunches are great, but we needed some just for snacks!

It seems that my daughter has been eating part of her lunch at snack time in Kindergarten. So I made these labels just for her snack, so she wouldn’t get confused. I’m sharing these the help all of you with little ones in school.

Free School Snack Labels

Now my daughter has a little brown sack in her backpack just for her snack. She likes being in charge of packing her snack and putting the label on her bag. Plus, I’m hoping they will help her learn about the days of the week too!

Free School Snack Labels on Avery

The labels are designed to fit Avery 8160 address labels (30 per page). You can personalize them with up to 3 different children’s names per sheet.

Download the Free Snack Labels

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  1. Hi Amy, I got the Avery 8160 but they don't fit =( For some reason the top part comes out ok but not the rest of the sheet. What am I doing wrong?

  2. I just recommended these today for gluten free families (and linked back to your site). GF kids have to take their lunch, snacks and food for parties. These will help a lot! I’ve been a reader/fan for 5 yrs and always enjoy your posts! Happy Holidays Amy!

  3. Another fantastic printable.You are awesome!!! This will solve the problem of snack theft in my house. Nothing worse than an empty snack box after a teenage invasion, Thanks!!!!!

  4. Thank you so much! Our 2nd Grade teacher wants the kids to have snacks separate this year so these will be perfect!

  5. Thank you! My daughter came home from her first day of 1st grade yesterday saying that her snack needs to be labeled! Way cuter than the piece of tape I used this morning!

  6. Love Love Love them…can you provide the Avery label number…I am struggling lining them up with 5160. Thanks.

  7. I’m feeling so much better now that I know my daughter isn’t the only child in Kindergarten that is trying to eat part of her lunch for snack!!! This is perfect and far cuter than the sharpie scribble I put on her bag containing her snack!

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