Free Printable Lips and Mustache Photo Props by Amy at

We had a blast at the I Heart Faces Photography Event in Dallas! I’m happy to share my free printable photo props from the weekend today.

It was great to be around so many inspiring woman photographers from all over the U.S. who love photography as much as me. One of the fun things I planned was a silly photo booth.

Free Printable Lips & Mustache Photo Props by Amy Locurto

Of course having goofy lips and mustaches to pose with made it even more fun! This is me and my partner in crime, Angie.

Free Printable Lips & Mustache Photo Props by Amy Locurto

Dana, Amy and Adrienne having a little fun together.

Free Printable Lips & Mustache Photo Props by Amy Locurto

And these two, well… can I just say they are a few of my favorite gals now! See those cool sparkly I Heart Faces shirts in the first photo? Their friend made them for us!! WOW!

Behind the scenes I Heart Faces Photography workshop

I designed several fun photo props for the occasion…

Free Printable Lips & Mustache Photo Props by Amy Locurto

I made the mustaches and smoochy lips available as a FREE printable. Now at your next party, you can have some silly fun too! Enjoy and share with a friend…

For personal use only. © 2011-2014 Living Locurto.  Please read the terms of use for this artwork in the sidebar.

Get the entire re-cap of the photography event here.


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Thanks to the great photos by Rachel at Savor Photography!

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  1. Got some good props here! It’s been interesting to see how they’ve developed over the years. I wonder if props will still be allowed after the current pandemic?

  2. Thanks for posting.

    Photo Booths continue to become a staple in this industry more and more each year – so I thought I’d put together a post explaining the 5 most important questions bride need to consider when booking what is presumably their first photo booth.

    We put a lot of time putting this together, I hope this is alright to post. Feel free to contact us if you need any advice or would like to share the post!

  3. Hi! I love all three props but you don’t have your smiley face (shows teeth) available and that is my favorite! ?? Is there anyway you can email me a page of those? I am doing a photo booth for my daughters School Valentines Day party and those lips would be hilarious! Hopefully you get this in time but if not, email it to me for next year. Thanks a ton!

  4. Hey! That’s a nice collection of photo props. Such a great collection of photo props. Well, I must say you can’t imagine a photo prop without a photo booth. I happened to see one at my friend’s birthday party. She hired one for her party along with the props. She got them from Photo Snap, and they were pretty much cool.

  5. I am really struggling to download anything from your website – its almost gets there and then just stops which is so disappointing as you have some fabulous printables! can you help at all?

  6. Thanks so much for these. They’re perfect for the Valentine’s goodie box I’m sending my college boy to have some fun w/ friends.

  7. Can you help me….I can’t get the lips to download…no problem with the gkids will love doing pic with them

  8. So much fun! I had t to share these printable lips and mustaches with my CraftBliss Facebook Friends and link back to you! ~Dee

  9. I LOVE all of the beautiful things you create! I am new to this site and have a question regarding your free printables. I have tried to download the iphone and the smoochy lips. I have not been able to download either as they never get to the end of the download. It is though they freeze before they can complete it. Am I doing something wrong? Or do you have any suggestion as to how I can get them downloaded? Thanking you in advance for your help.

  10. Those are super cute. I saw some in one of those machines that looks like a bubblegum machine, but no where as adorable as these. 😉

  11. These are great! Will save them for next year’s birthday party or maybe New Years!
    Thanks for sharing!!!!

  12. Hi, tried to download these but download stops half way thru. Tried a number of times and am disappointed that I cant get these …..they look like they could be so much fun .

  13. I love them! Did you post the teeth smile too? These are going to be great for Valentine’s day! My boys won’t get “cooties” from me now.

  14. hi am amesh all the way from indonesia.. i love your props, i just used the lips for our NYE party last nite, thanks a lot! 🙂

  15. Hi! OMG! I absolutely love your site. I am having a These props would be great! I tried to download the link above but it’s not available… please help???


  16. Awesome! I have a party coming up that I want to do the mustache thing for. You came along just in time!

  17. Love these! im using them for a Roaring 20’s Party next weekend 🙂 thanks so much!!

  18. Amy, I printed these off and used them at our Thanksgiving Dinner. We had so much fun with them!!! We took so many pictures!!!

  19. OMG! This is awesome, i love mustaches ;{D
    thanks for sharing it <3

    *I want the smiley lips too. lol 🙁

  20. Amy –
    I’m pretty convinced you never sleep. *OR* you’re like the most productive person I’ve ever known. The whole workshop experience looks like it was amazing and fun and educational … many kudos!!!

  21. Those lips are too cool for words : ) I think I am going to make some for my shoots so when parents have 2 or 3 screaming crying children I can just have them pop those over their mouths instead : ) Perfect, right? I will send you a picture when I try it!

  22. these lips and mustaches are great they will be fun at any type of party…. Ican’t wait to plan one.

    also how do we get the smiley lips they are great too?

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