Host a funny Football Funeral Party “In Mourning of” your team who didn’t make it into the Super Bowl with these free printables.

Host a funny Football Funeral "In Mourning of" Your Team Who Didn't Make it. Super Bowl Party Free Printables by
Game Day Football Funeral Party Printables

Big Game Football Funeral Party Printables

My husband is from Boston and back in 2013 he was in mourning of the New England Patriots who didn’t make the Super Bowl. It was a sad day in our home.

Hosting a Football Funeral Party was my husband’s idea. I thought it was pretty funny, so I made some free printables to use during the game and thought I would share.

We have been in mourning for a long time here in Dallas for our beloved Cowboys, so many of my friends will enjoy this funny football party decor!!

  • The tags say: RIP and Super Bowl {Maybe Next Year!}
  • You can customize the poster by adding your own team’s name before printing. Frame it and place in the middle of your table.
  • The jar labels are great for water bottles, mason jars or my personal favorite… wine bottles.
Host a funny Football Funeral "In Mourning of" Your Team Who Didn't Make it. Super Bowl Party Free Printables by

Download Football Funeral Party Printables

All designs are simple and easy to print at the last-minute! My favorites are the team flags you can use on wine stems, beer bottles, straws and more.

Click on the list below to download and print.

Please share your photos on Instgram and tag @LivingLocurto so I can feature you. Enjoy! • For personal use only

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  1. This is terrific idea! going to use for 2014 Super Bowl party in this Texans household! We are definitely in mourning!

  2. I live in Boston, too and we are definitely mourning the fact that The Patriots aren’t playing!!! The only good thing about this is we can get to bed early this year ;p!!!

  3. I’m in mourning of my Patriots too… This sunday won’t be the same but I will enjoy sharing the funeral with my family… Thanks for This idea!

  4. What a great Idea!!! I’ve made printables for the teams that actually made it but I think I’ll incorporate these as well! AWESOME!! 🙂

  5. ANOTHER fellow Patriots fan family here – these are awesome. We are totally going to use them. Thanks! We host the Super Bowl every year and this year I was just NOT feeling it. I have barely started thinking of food to provide. This helps a lot in making it more fun for me. It will give me the opportunity to make a “shrine” of our Pats decor stuff too. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Was totally pretending that the Super Bowl is not even happening this year until I saw these! How fun and appropriate!!! (also a Pats fan – so sad!)

  7. Really cute idea, but not printing them out since the Ravens are going to be there and I do not want to bring any bad luck having these even on my PC. Also a Redskins fan, so really do not feel too bad about your Cowboys, sorry. We were really hoping for a beltway Super Bowl this year.

  8. This is hilarious. We lived in mass for 7 years and they (New Englanders) are very dedicated fans indeed. (of alll NE teams) This is awesome, I’m def going to share it with my Masshole friends. Thanks

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