5 Easy Holiday Recipes that take 15 minutes or less! Make your holiday entertaining less stressful with these quick recipes perfect for a Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas party! 

5 Easy Holiday Recipes in 15 Minutes or Less!

Sponsored by Milo’s Tea Company

5 Quick and Easy Holiday Recipes 

If you enjoy entertaining, then you’ll love these five quick and easy holiday recipes that take 15 minutes or less! 

Nothing is more fun to me than getting together during the holidays with friends and family. With all of the cooking, baking and decorating that goes into holiday entertaining, it’s hard to find time to do it all. 

That’s when I reach for my favorite, Milo’s Famous Tea! When you need something quick and delicious to serve during the holidays with no stress, this is my go-to drink! 

Easy Holiday Recipes - Milos Tea Ideas

I know serving Milo’s Tea is going to be great because first of all, everyone loves it! Second, buying a few gallons of Milo’s and not making tea from scratch, gives me that much needed extra time to make my favorite recipes and decorate the table! 

Plus, I couldn’t make tea this good anyway, so why even try! 

What’s the Best Iced Tea?

Milo’s Tea is so good! It’s an all-natural award winning tea fresh brewed from real tea leaves. 

I love that Milo’s Sweet Tea is sweetened with a clean ingredient list of pure cane sugar and no preservatives or added acids. It’s an ideal drink to serve to your family during the holidays!

Being able to buy the gallon jugs makes holiday entertaining stress free. Using it by the gallon saves you time not having to brew your own tea.

Easy Holiday Recipes in 15 Minutes or Less!

Milo’s was founded in 1946 by Milo Carlton who opened a restaurant in Birmingham, Alabama. His tea recipe became so popular that buy 1989 the family started selling it by the gallon. The company is now run by Milo Carlton’s granddaughter, Tricia Wallwork.


What is a good dish to bring to a party?

What should I bring to the party is my most asked question! Today, I’ve got some of my most popular easy holiday recipes that will take you only about 15 Minutes or less to make. Plus, I’m sharing my newest centerpiece idea for a beautiful holiday table!  

I really loved sipping on my Milo’s tea while putting this together for you. 

Easy Holiday Recipes in 15 Minutes or Less! Fall Table Decorating Ideas

This season, I’m loving the trendy neutral home decor look, such as white pumpkins and succulents. But since I also love decorating with color, I can’t make myself go all white with my table decor! 

To give my centerpiece some colorful pizazz, I added deep red tones with flowers and apples. Then added a bit of turquoise with my antique blue mason jars for vases. 

Easy Fall Table Decorating Ideas and Recipes for Thanksgiving

This still has a neutral tone, but with a little color. The look can work well for both Thanksgiving or Christmas holidays. 

I used my antique measuring cups to hold the succulent pots. Succulents make great place-settings for any occasion. 

Easy Holiday Recipes and place setting with antique measuring cups to hold the succulent pots

If you have a big family, add name cards to toothpicks and insert into the soil for a cute personalized presentation. 


Where can you get Milo’s Famous Tea?

Now that you know all about my favorite tea, you’ll want to try some! I get Milo’s tea at my Walmart, Kroger or Market Street in the refrigerated juice section. 

I used the sweet tea for my holiday table today. It’s also available in non-sweet or no calorie sweetened with sucralose. Click Here to find a store with Milo’s near you.


5 Easy Holiday Recipes to Make in 15 Minutes or Less!

Any recipe that is quick and easy is the best in my book! One of the easy recipes featured below is a simple holiday punch that includes Milo’s Famous Tea! I think you’ll enjoy all of these ideas.

1. Autumn Spice Punch with Milo’s Tea

Autumn Spice Punch with Milo’s Tea

Autumn Spice Punch is not only easy, but beautiful! I love pretty holiday food, but making delicious drinks is also fun! Adding slices of oranges, apples and cinnamon sticks to this punch makes it a sure winner for Thanksgiving! If making it for Christmas, just add some cranberries for a dash of red.

–> Click here for the Autumn Spice Punch Recipe


2. Bacon Goat Cheese Pumpkin Appetizers 

Easy Holiday Recipes - Bacon Goat Cheese Pumpkin Appetizers 

Serve this delicious Bacon Goat Cheese Pumpkin Dip in a bowl, or make pretty bite sized appetizers drizzled with honey. This sweet and savory pumpkin recipe is a perfect dish for any type of party!

–> Click here for the Bacon Goat Cheese Pumpkin Appetizers


3. Pine Cone Cheese Ball with Almonds

This simple to make Pine Cone Cheese Ball with Almonds is a fun Fall party or Christmas Party Appetizer recipe for the holiday season!

Easy Holiday Recipes - Pine Cone Cheeseball

–> Click here for the Pine Cone Cheese Ball Recipe


4. Turkey Vegetable Tray

I came up with this Turkey Vegetable Tray idea years ago and it’s still one of my favorite things to quickly make for Thanksgiving.

Easy Holiday Recipes - Turkey Vegetable Tray for Thanksgiving Dinner

–> Click here for more Turkey Vegetable Tray Inspiration


5. Grandma Chunkie’s Chocolate Pie

My Great-Grandma Chunkie made the best Chocolate Pie! With only 5 ingredients, this rich chocolate pie recipe is a quick and easy dessert everyone loves!

Easy Holiday Recipes - Grandmas Chocolate Pie

–> Click here for Grandma Chunkie’s Chocolate Pie Recipe


I hope you enjoyed these fun holiday party ideas. Make sure to save time and stress by getting some Milo’s Famous Tea this season!


You might also love this Strawberry Iced Tea that I made with Milo’s!

Easy Holiday Recipes - Strawberry Tea


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