Today I finally broke down and had a house cleaner help me with my cat hair, dust infested house. I have a friend, Bea from Brazil, who has a cleaning business. She sent her cousin to help me clean. I’m really bad with names, and especially non-english names… so we’ll call her “Party Lady”. The reason I say this is because I found out that before she came to America, she decorated for kids birthday parties. Mmmmmm? What? Like a party planner? No, a decorator. I had never heard of this?? I love planning parties, making cakes and decorating, I had to figure out what she was talking about. So after talking back and forth with minimal English and hand signals, Party Lady got on my computer and showed me samples of the type of work she did.


Wow! Brazilians don’t just have kids at birthday parties, they invite their ENTIRE family and the ENTIRE family of all the kids! They go all out on the decorations too. It’s a big fiesta! Party Lady is very passionate about this and loves to decorate. She even re-arranged some accessories in my house while cleaning and it looked really good. She also likes to cook for these parties. I can’t wait to figure out how to say her name. Party Lady is really sweet. She wanted to decorate for my daughter’s party this weekend, but we are only having 2 guests… I can’t see doing all this for a few two year olds. Not to mention, they would just pull down the balloons and try to eat them. But I did ask if she could make some chocolate Brazilian sweets called “Docinhos”. You can never have enough chocolate! They usually have plates of different types of Docinhos along with hot dishes and finally a fancy cake.

Maybe we will have a Brazilian Halloween Party this year! 

If anyone lives in the Dallas area and would like a great big birthday bash… Party Lady is your gal.

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  1. Hi there!
    The name of the chocolate sweet on your photo is “brigadeiro”. “Docinhos” is what we call all kinds of sweets together. 🙂 So this is brigadeiro and we have the coconut one called “beijinho”, “cajuzinho”… all of them together are “docinhos”. LOL
    Starbites sells them online with the translation to English. They are awesome!!!

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