I took way too many photos on our cruise. So I made this cool video to remember it all. Enjoy!

If you have any questions about where we went, I’ll answer questions in the comment section. Jamaica’s Half Moon Resort was my favorite! Absolute paradise! I really can’t wait for our next cruise! Thanks Carnvial!!

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Weekly Re-Cap

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Here is a re-cap of the week in case you missed anything:

Have a great weekend!!!

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Disclosure: My seven day cruise was paid for by Carnival as a part of their Brand Ambassador program.  All opinions and photos about the trip are my own.

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  1. Hi! Just came over from Ree’s blog … I imagine with about 17.2 million other people. 🙂 I watched your cruise video and my LIFELONG dream is to swim with dolphins. I just wondered what port you did that … did your whole family do it and did you think it was worth it?

    PS I also really want to know what song was playing in the video. I liked it and did “shazam” on my iphone but it didn’t recognize it. 🙂


  2. Hi Amy! So I got an email this morning from my friends planning our cruise…it’s in January and on the Carnival Conquest! I’m pretty sure that’s the ship you went on. am I right? We’ve sailed with Royal Carribean and Princess before, but never Carnival, was the ship fabulous? Or is there another Carnival ship you have heard great things about?

  3. @Amy, hahahahahaha kinda lol

    I was thinking about doing something very cultural like that… but I also want to shop and go to a restaurant lol I have to make the most of those 9 hours in Mexico lol

  4. @Amy,

    P.S.- I really wanted to go to Tulum to see the Mayan ruins but thought it would be too much with my little kids. We had to carry my daughter everywhere and I was NOT going to carry her around the ruins. ha!

    I heard that excursion was fantastic. (I’m making your decision harder aren’t I??)

  5. @Solenia,

    The port in Cozumel is the best! You walk right off the ship into a brand new, beautiful shopping area. They have restaurants and even an internet cafe. They take US dollars, so don’t worry about exchanging money.

    We went to a resort and I was so disappointed because the water was very dirty with sea weed. Must have been a big storm right before we came- or maybe it’s always like that? We just swam in the pool:-( I would have stayed on the ship with my kids if I had known that. I would recommend going on a boat some place and snorkel. The water was gorgeous out about 100 yards from shore.

  6. Does Carnival cruise exchange $$ or where can we do that?
    its there lil shops in the port of Mexico?
    I still have no idea what to do there… and its just soooo hard because Im planning everything!!!!
    Im sooooo exited!! and I just love reading your posts about the cruise!!!!!!

  7. so what did you guys do in Mexico? You were in Cozumel correct?
    I’m still trying to figure out what to do there on our cruise… OMG only 10 days till our cruise and my husband still has nooooo idea… lol
    My friends/family made me promise that Im not going to spill the beans and tell him before, but it just soooooooooooooooooo hard lol!!!!


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