I’m ashamed to admit, but for the last year my son has had PB&J, pizza, apples or grapes in his lunch. Partly because I’m not a morning person and he won’t eat anything else but those four things. I was surfing Flickr for ideas for kid’s lunches and look at what I found! There are several moms out there that blow me away with their ideas and I just had to share.

Bento Mom is amazing! You have to see all of her creations to believe them. I think I could pull this one off.

Bento Mom’s Flickr Pool for Kid’s Lunches

This mom had some great ones too!

Nonochan’s Flickr Pool

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Here are some more realistic ones that I can probably make in the Kid Eats Flickr Pool. I could spend hours looking through this!

Cooking for Monkeys


Want to learn more about Bento Lunches? Visit Lunch In A Box for amazing ideas and links.

What’s in your kid’s lunches? Do you use Bento boxes?

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  2. I cannot believe I have never heard of these. I guess it’s because I live in Northern Ontario. It must take cool ideas longer to migrate North! I was just thinking last night about the kids going back to school and about how guilty I was feeling because I throw EVERYTHING in plastic baggies in their lunch pails. Thanks so much for sharing. I am going to order some Bento box supplies today.

  3. These are amazing! Looks like a ton of work, but I wonder if the kids are more adventurous eating fun food like this.

  4. Hey there … first, I’ve moved over to WordPress … second, thanks for sharing the kid’s lunch ideas. I don’t have children … yet … but I have nephews. I also know that I will have children one day and I love learning all I can now to prepare me for then. P.S. check out my site … I posted two links to videos from the TED Talks that are quite relevant to this post! The lunch lady is fantastic! We should all be more active in our communities and demand better lunches for our school children! 🙂

    MissCaron’s last blog post..Amazing videos … please watch!

  5. So creative and spunky! I love these ideas and plan on doing something like this for my daughter when she starts kindergarten in September!

  6. After seeing several bloggers write about bento lunches, I bought some bento boxes and decorative picks online (they are CHEAP). I was amazed at how my 3-year-old will eat meat and cheese off a funny food pick that he would not otherwise touch. It’s crazy how that works. I have to say I am not nearly as creative as those you’ve featured here, however!

    Traci’s last blog post..Kid Fun–Hammer & Nails

  7. Cute, but seriously, do these moms really do this for their kids lunches or just for the pictures? LOL! I could just see my kids playing with lunch instead of eating if I made cute animals.

    But, food for thought. Thanks for sharing!

    Lori’s last blog post..That Dam Word

  8. Very cool! My kids are the PICKIEST eaters! My daughter has NEVER even had a sandwich in her 8 years of life! It really puts a damper on my tea parties.

    Great ideas!

    Donna’s last blog post..Painted Confections

  9. I’m so going to show my high school daughter these! She’ll be making her lunch for school next year, so this will encourage her creativity!

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