I’m on the hunt for birthday party inspiration for my daughter. I told myself I wasn’t going to go crazy, but now that I’ve been researching ideas, I can tell I will go overboard. I just can’t help myself. She’s only 3 once and sooner or later I won’t get to do what I want to do right? ha!

I think I’ll leave the theme a surprise for now. My daughter actually picked it herself…. let me tell you, it’s going to be really cute!!

I did an illustration of my daughter on the invitation. I’m always inspired by Helen Dardik. I LOVE her style. Look at what she did for her two daughter’s birthday invites? WOW!

Speaking of fun, Helen is offering an adorable free download of these book plates.

Head over to her blog to download and print! Thanks for the inspiration and freebie Helen!!

This flower project by Elle’s Studio is another cute party idea. She is offering this as a free printable, with instructions and a template.

Don’t worry if I’m missing from my blog every now and then… I’m just getting crafty for the upcoming party!

What do you think my 3 year old daughter picked as her party theme?

The people who guesses correctly get my cupcake note cards personalized just for them!

I’ll let you know the winners (if there are any!) on Wed.

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  1. Hm.. I see someone guessed my idea already, but I’m going to say cupcakes too! 🙂

  2. I am guessing ballerina–I have a boy, but the girls at preschool seem to be fixated on them. They must be, because the boy has started to watch “Angelina Ballerina” on Sprout lately….

    Traci’s last blog post..Kitchen Gardening

  3. I’m going to say Princess theme. My soon to be 5 year old niece has that theme picked out for her birthday so I’m going with that! 🙂

    Lisa’s last blog post..Home

  4. I am going to quess flowers, lady bugs and bees!! Super cute flowers..cant wait to see the rest.

    April’s last blog post..

  5. I think I’m the 4th one to guess cupcakes but your little notepads have such cute cupcakes…that’s the first thing that popped into my mind!

  6. I’ve got to say cupcake theme, too. Darn, I’m lating posting… I think a cupcake theme would be sooooo cute!

  7. I’m going to guess a hawaiian theme. My daughter loved the grass skirts when she was 3. Can’t wait to see all your super cool ideas!

  8. I have no idea. However, if you have any great ideas for pool parties (Beau is turning 2 at the end of Aug), I sure would love to hear them ; )

  9. I’m guessing a flower theme. What are the chances of you whipping up an illustration for my daughters birthday invitations in August? Maybe I can skirt right through all the planning and incorporate your ideas…maybe? You rock.

    Jen’s last blog post..Super Dude

  10. My daughter is going to be 5 the end of the month and is insisting on an Easter Bunny Birthday Cake (like we had at Easter when she was 2 – how does she remember these things?)…anyway, I saw the bunny and so my guess is something bunny related.

  11. i am not as up-to-date on 3 year olds’ party trends, but i’m going to guess fairy princess, which would be super cute. but i’m sure anything you do would turn out cute!

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