Since we had so much fun meeting each other’s husbands. I gave you all the assignment of posting about something your husband owns that drives you crazy. Or maybe it’s something your kids or parents own? Or something you own that drives him nuts?

Well, here’s what my husband can’t live without, but I definitely can!! Meet Stinky Binky

Yes, this was my husband’s comforter he used WAY before I knew him. Of all the things to be attached to, this is what he loves! I guess I should be glad it’s not a chair or something larger. Why do we call it Stinky Binky? mmmm….. let’s just say men are gross!

I sleep under the covers and he sleeps under Stinky Binky. Whoooo… Stinky!!!!

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  1. I totally forgot we were supposed to do this. If you keep Mr. Linky up, I’ll post about it tomorrow.

    There are so many things I could choose, but one annoys me over the others. At his first post-college job, Bill was given two awards for some work he had done. The awards are these awful, butt-ugly statue things that he put on his desk while he was at that job. Well, after we got married and he was working at a new job he wanted them displayed somewhere in our house. I DON’T THINK SO. You’ll know why once you see them.

    I am not allowed to throw them away so they have been packed away in a box for 15 years now. Along with his high school trophies, ribbons, baseball cards,… All stuff that we really, really need to have around here.

    The Arthur Clan’s last blog post..Goodbye Dear Fall.

  2. LOL at stinky binky, yuck! lol

    My husband, Velo…well, English is his second language, so there are so many things I could tell you that crack me up or get on my nerves when it comes to that…so I will tell you one of each:

    Gets on my nerves:

    Bedroom and Bathroom are both pronounced “Badtroom” in his world, lol…so I never know what the heck room he is talking about…so I ask him, “The room with the bed or the toilet?” lol

    Cracks me up:

    His name is Velo, but he cannot pronounce any English word that starts with a “V” correctly. He makes the V into a W, so, we have: wacuum, wodka, wideo store, walance…lol…so, when I was pregnant with both sons and he ticked me off, I would tell him if it was a girl, I was naming her Vivian 😉


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  3. Amy, headed up to take a picture of………(be afraid, be very afraid)……the bureau. No need to say anything else, the photo will sum it up completely, and I’ve given up on complaining about it.

    Dot O’s last blog post..Faces

  4. Oh my goodness Amy! Our husbands are long lost brothers! My husband sleeps with a “blankie” (quilt) his grandma made for him in the late seventies.

    We call it “Mr. Stinky”. He will wrap himself in it like a wigwam and then get the bed – under the heavy comforter that is on our bed. Not only does this quilt stink, b/c you know… men are gross… but the outside quilted is scratchy POLYESTER. That is the part that touches my skin… the scratchy polyester.

    If it had not been made by his dearly departed g’ma, that quilt would not have made it this long.

    I dare not post a picture of it b/c it’s just… well, embarrassing.

    Erica’s last blog post..It’s a start

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