I love this “Belongs To” tag by The Small Object.



Download my back to school Morning Routine Cards to help make mornings easier!

Free Printable Morning Flash Cards

I also designed free printable backpack tags that you can personalize.

Free Printable Back to School Tag by Amy Locurto - Cupcake Living Locurto


Your Starwars fan will love these Free Printable Starwars Legos  Tags & Stickers.

Free Printable Star Wars Lego Tags


These Lunch Bag Stickers from Martha Stewart are awesome!!




Picture 91

Here are more cute school stickers and book plates from Martha Stewart!

Picture 92

Make some back to school crayon pretzel treats by Gourmet Mom on the Go. Mandy even has free printable labels! Aren’t these cute?


Creature Comforts made some fun apple notes.


Love book plates? You’ll love Blue Bird Lucy’s Ready for Fall Bookplates.



Print these handy teacher notes by Mommypalooza. She also has a good printable calendar if you use paper organizers.


Thank your teachers with this fun and easy idea and free printable tags.

Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea - Free Printable Tags


Thank You Teacher Free Printable Cards & Tags by Angeli.

Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea - Free Printable Owl Tags


Kim at The TomKat Studio has adorable Teacher Thank You cards.


More Back to School Printables

After School Routine Printable Poster

Crafts for School Photos

Printable School Lunch Notes

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  3. Thanks so much. im a mother of a child with autism. this was very helpful and useful to me

  4. I was having a hard time printing off the days of the week tags. It was cutting off the Tuesday and Thursday tags. I might need to shrink them, can I do that? Has anyone else had this problem. Thanks.

  5. I just got back into the land of “blogs” and holy cow, love all the downloads- you are awesome! I plan to use a few when I go to baby sit my grandbabies.!

  6. Amy! So cute! Are you telling me we can print stickers at home, too? I really need to get with the program. Your son’s closet is enviable!!! It looks like a store display. You rock!

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