Want to add some spice to your room without going anywhere but the grocery store? Try this tip:

I had a basket of apples that nobody was eating. So I decided to stick them with wooden skewers and place in a flower arrangement.

It looked so pretty that I rummaged through some old plates and set the table.

Here is a before photo:


Try this trick at home with apples, pears, oranges, lemons or small pumpkins.

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  1. Beautiful arrangement with the apples! Which reminded me, I saw a centerpiece made with apples. It looked like a Christmas tree and had magnolia leaves around the base. Have you ever seen anything like that? I’m looking for the directions on how to make one myself. It was so pretty. If you know or have any ideas where I can look, I’d be most grateful.

    Many Thanks & Merry Christmas!

    Oh, P.S. – I downloaded your Thanksgiving calendar and gave it to my sister-in-law, she LOVED it! Thanks so much.

    Monica’s last blog post..For My Children, I’d Like Better…

  2. Simply gorgeous and an idea I am going to use. I am soo gald I came to your blog. I enjoyed your auntumn list also. I bet Texas knows how to put on a grand fair

  3. The centerpiece looks wonderful…that’s a great tip, thank you!

    It’s funny that Texans are thinking about finally being able to eat outside on the patio and we in the North are thinking about packing up the patio. Enjoy your autumn!

  4. GREAT idea! Vivid, bright red always adds so much to anything. Now if I could just find an idea for my browning bananas. I guess I’ll make banana bread again before they ruin! KV

  5. HOLY MOLEY! That is GORGEOUS! BEAUTIFUL! I’m drooling! I just stumbled this amazing idea. Hopefully lots of people will come see it!

    And your list is completely inspiring too! So glad you took part in the fun! And that you love your pumpkin book!

    Happy happy Fall,

  6. You are such a good decorator Amy and what a great idea for making your home look more “fallish.” I’m seriously going to invite you to visit us in OH if we ever get around to remodeling our house! 🙂

    Angie in OH

  7. Beautiful! Did you grow the hydrangeas too? I will have to remember the apple trick. I always toss my uneaten apples into the woods behind our house. Something eats them up!

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