Hanging out with All My Children

Happy Friday!!! Have you heard… All My Children and One Life to Live are coming back! Starting April 29th, you can watch the new episodes on Hulu and iTunes. I have been a fan of All My Children for over 20 years and excited to have gotten to meet a few of the cast members last night at Blissdom!

That is me doing a Q&A time on stage with Rob Wilson (Pete Courtland), Cady McClain (Dixie) and Vincent Irizarry (David).

Pardon the yellowish iPhone photos, but this was a last minute job for me and I didn’t have my good camera! Thanks to my friend Barbara (bottom left), I got to know these talented actors a bit in the green room before going on stage. After watching the show for so long, I felt like I already knew them…and they were all so nice!!

2013 All My Children

Vincent was such a fun guy and very handsome! I can’t wait to see what kind of evil and craziness his character is going to be up to this season!  David is my favorite AMC character.  Got to love a guy who can bring people back from the dead!

All My Children Cady McClain

So Cady is GORGEOUS! She’s my age, but I swear she looks 25! We had fun chatting about the new show, blogging and being creative. I sort of forgot she was “Dixie”. We even danced a bit when we heard the D.J. start the music in the other room. ha! She’s my kind of gal:-) She’s also a wonderful writer, be sure to check out her blog here.


Rob Wilson from All My Children

I know you AMC fans are wondering about the new young characters. Well, this hottie is Rob and he plays Palmer and Opal’s son, Pete.  I’m going to guess that Pete will have some steamy love scenes, drive fast cars, be a business tycoon like his dad and probably have his shirt off in several scenes. hee!

Not only is Rob a talented actor, but you might recognize him as the first male model on The Price is Right! Since I had never seen him on that show, I asked him to demonstrate his selling techniques with the water cooler. Um… yeah… SOLD!!!

Rob Wilson from All My Children & Price is Right

Thanks for being a goofball with me Rob! (See the fun stuff you do in the green room before the show??)

Seriously, that was such a fun night! I am still giddy that I got to be on stage with the cast and interview them. Who knows what else will happen this weekend?

Chris Mann & Amy Locurto

Oh wait… I did get to chat with the super singer, Chris Mann, one of the top finalists of The Voice. I met Chris way back at one of the first Blissdom Conferences when he was a young thing. Now he looks like a total movie star! It’s wonderful to watch his career take off.  Check out his PBS Special, Mann for All Seasons, and new album!


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  1. Great photos, Amy! I enjoyed your blog, so cool you had the opportunity to spend that time with them. I met Vincent a couple years ago, he’s a great guy & very handsome! I’m a day one AMC fan too, looking forward to its return & OLTL’s also. With the sneak peek you had, were any of them scenes with a prison guard? If so, he’s a good friend of mine…I can’t wait to see how his scenes came out.

  2. I have been watching it that long too! LOL We got to watch a bit of the new version. You will love the new show… there are some big surprises.

  3. Amy, I was a faithful fan of AMC since day 1. I know! I’m that old!! I started watching it when I was in high school I would race home after school to catch it. Back then, no VCR, DVR, etc. I was so bummed when they were cancelled. I think I actually went through withdrawls! Looking forward to seeing the new new AMC. You are so lucky to have the opportunity to meet some of the cast–woohoo!!!

  4. How exciting! I couldn’t keep up with both shows towards the end, so I chose OLTL. But I may have to tune in & see that hottie Pete!

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