All My Children & One Life to Live are Back!

I grew up watching All My Children and if you didn’t read about the time I got to meet some of the cast, go read this!

Because I got to see a preview of the show, I absolutely can’t wait for it to come back! Of course, that isn’t the only soap I loved watching. One Life to Live came on right after AMC, and I spent many an afternoon watching it too.

When OLTL and AMC went off the air, I was totally heartbroken. I mean, how am I just supposed to go about my daily life knowing that Todd and Blair aren’t officially Todd and Blair for all of eternity? And what happened to Tadd and Dixie?

All My Children & One Life to Live are Back!

But it’s okay. It’s okay because One Life to Live and All My Children are coming back at Midnight on Monday, April 29, and all is right with the world again.

The best part is, they’ll be on Hulu and iTunes, so you can watch on your computer, your Playstation, your Xbox, or even your phone.  There will be 30 minute episodes available each weekday, with a recap on Friday.

(You should know, though, since the content is online, it’s a little more adult themed than the when it aired on network television and probably not something to watch with kids around.)

I’ve watched the first episode for each show, and they are totally fantastic! It’s like the younger, hotter, version of the shows I’ve loved forever.

I am so excited about this! I can’t even stand it. And since I am also not-so-secretly in love with all things High School Musical, I totally flipped out when I saw that Corbin Bleu is joining the cast as Jeffrey King. ha!

Corbin Bleu as Jeffrey King on One Life to Live

I can’t wait to find out what happens in Pine Valley and Llanview!

Now, what I am dying to know is…

Will you be watching One Life to Live & All My Children?

You know I will!

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  1. I cant watch either soap hulu isnt available for free in canada and you have to pay for it in itunes

  2. growing up we always visited my grandma during the summer, because of course, my parents had to work. well, guess what grandma used to watch & got me hooked on??? AMC, OLTL, GH! although, i was a slightly bigger fan of GH, can we say Luke & Laura – yep, i’m that old! LOVED them all though!

  3. Where I lived, it was All My Children, One Life to Live, then General Hospital. Killed many a summer afternoon watching these things when I was a kid…ok, and many of the years after that too. I lost track of OLTL and AMC. Last time I tried to watch, I didn't know who anyone was. Between new characters and the babies becoming college graduates in the space of 2 years, I couldn't keep up. Still managed to keep up with GH though.

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