One minute they’re happy…

from Amy @ Living Locurto on Vimeo.

The next they’re not…

from Amy @ Living Locurto on Vimeo.

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Poor little thing is such a mess. Her hair is falling out of the pig tails, she even has paint all over her shirt! ha. What can you do? When a girl is ready to sing, she’s ready!! Right before this, she had the hiccups AND singing. We were dying laughing. Of course as soon as I got out my camera she fell and hit her head. Guess that stopped the hiccups. The big whelp on her head didn’t stop her from singing for you though:-)

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  1. Dang that’s precious!

    I could swear the lyrics sounded like “next time won’t you shame on me.” ha ha .

    What a bitty little thing. So great to see you allow the kids on the white furniture, I have to say, I wondered, as mine would not remain white!

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