I always dreamed of having a little girl.

She would stand up for herself and not be scared to try new things.

She would be smart, sweet, pretty and funny.

I’m lucky I got my girl. She is all of those things and more!  As for not being scared… well, she froze on the dance floor and ran to mommy. (They all froze but one brave girl who did the dance alone!) That didn’t stop her from going to town and dancing for nearly an hour when she got home!

Thanks to Miss Jessica for being such an awesome dance teacher! At least we had fun getting ready and taking photos:-)

Do you have a little girl? If so, go take some pictures of her dancing around now. They grow up fast!

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  1. Amy, she’s just gorgeous! And you’re right- they really do grow up fast. My big girl is staring double digits right in the face this summer! Enjoy her!
    .-= Amy´s last blog ..That 70’s Girl =-.

  2. Your photos are gorgeous! That was a fun day! I enjoyed our first recital also!!

  3. That is EXACTLY what my daughter did on her first dance recital…she did the dance at home for days after though…LOL

  4. We just had our first dance recital last week. There’s just nothing like it. i didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at all those adorable little princesses trying their hardest to follow their teachers. Mine even managed to hold her pose between routines.

    She may have her mommy’s lack of grace, but she’s got more confidence than the both of us.

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