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World Label Giveaway | Living Locurto

I’m happy to introduce you to WorldLabel who is providing a great giveaway this week! Two lucky Living Locurto readers will receive Visa gift cards. YAY!

WorldLabel produces blank label sheets for any occasion. Their labels are perfect for organizing or to use for printable party supplies. They have labels from addresses and shipping, to CDs and other media, to home and business.  All of their labels are designed to fit with popular label software templates for Windows and Mac.

These non-curl, jam-free labels are available in over 50 sizes, and each size is available in fluorescent, pastel, clear, glossy, or matte colors, all with permanent adhesive.

Not only does WorldLabel have a great product, they offer free printable designs by some of my favorite bloggers, that work perfect with their labels. No punches needed for party circles! Just peel and stick. I love that about their labels.

Here are some wonderful free printables you can use on your labels. ( Scroll down to enter the giveaway!)

Easter Labels

Free Printable Easter Labels



St Patrick’s Day Labels and Stickers

Free Printable St Patrick’s Day Labels and Stickers


Vintage French “Rococo” designed labels by Cathe Holden

Free Printable Vintage French “Rococo” designed labels by Cathe Holden


Canning Jar Labels for Jams

Free Printable Canning Jar Labels for Jams



School Days Printables & Labels

Free Printable School Days Printables & Labels


Baby Shower Labels in a Bumble Bee Girls Theme

Free Printable Baby Shower Labels in a Bumble Bee Girls Theme



There will be 2 giveaway winners this week! WorldLabel is giving away one $50 gift card to the first winner and one $25 Gift card to the second winner. You can use the gift card for their products to start printing some cute labels!

If you are reading via email or RSS, click here to enter the giveaway.

Please follow directions on the widget below. Please be patient for it to load.

Best viewed on a computer. Giveaway is for US Residents, 18 years or older. Ends on Tuesday, March 12, 2013.

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  1. Cindy Thomas Petracelli says:

    Thank you so much for the freebies! I am feeling more prepared already!!

  2. Thank you Amy! Your site is awesome! Can’t wait to check it daily to see what new cute printables you have created!

  3. Becca Bachlott says:

    I have been working on a genealogy project. I would use labels to help sort my different folders for each family line. I would also use them for organizing all old photos and keepsakes like artwork for the kids.

  4. If I win the labels I would love to use them to label books and movies that I lend to friends/family! No more writing on the inside of the book covers, yay!

  5. I love the idea of making personalized canning labels, and I’d have so much fun making my own address labels!

  6. Heather C says:

    Would love these labels for my kids clutter err I mean toys!

  7. I would love to have them to use to label items around the house. There are lots more but thats the most important

  8. Sherri Braun says:

    I would use them to organize every room of my home!

  9. I would use them to organize my office.

  10. What a great giveaway…Love the printables!

  11. I LOVE labels & can’t get enough of them. I love using them to organize my kids’ things and make decorative ones for address labels.

  12. I would use them with your great Easter labels!

  13. Kristi P says:

    I would use them for gift tags for all of the birthday parties that my daughter has been going to lately.


  15. I would certainly put the School Days Labels to good use. I have a grand daughter that is starting kindergarten next year and she loves to do school work. Quite smart too (not biased lol). I just hope this roll she is on last throughout going to school. Thanks and God Bless

  16. Mishele Mitchell says:

    I have my own business and would so use these to create cute give away bags for my clients and potential clients.

  17. I would use them in the kitchen and organizing around the house

  18. Would use them to organize my crafting room!!

  19. Would love to make labels for my son’s items, maybe organize his toys, as well as some to organize my craft items!

  20. MarcieLynn says:

    I am so unorganized that this would help greatly!! good luck to all!

  21. I Would use them for baby shower gifts

  22. I’m an Independent Consultant for Thirty-One Gifts, so I’d use new labels on my catalogs, mailings, and business cards to advertise our specials and promote my business!

  23. I would get much better organized!

  24. Amber Rhodes says:

    With some new labels, I would organize our closets and homeschool and craft supplies!

  25. Roxanne Y says:

    I would use the labels in my scrapbooks!

  26. SUE KUJAWA says:

    These labels will be fun to use when I make treats to take to work. I’m already thinking about St. Patty’s Day, the first day of spring and Easter. My co-workers look forward to my creations.

  27. Shelly Turley says:

    I would do pretty much everything above!! I love all of the holiday labels and my kids have come to expect holiday fun in their lunches HA!! I love the idea for jam that I love to give away too! Sooo fun! Thank you!!

  28. I need labels to organize my kitchen

  29. I would love to organize my cupboards and craft room with these labels. Thanks for the giveaway!

  30. shirleyelizabeth says:

    I would throw a party! Though I adore those canning labels and do a ton of jam every year, not to mention the applesauce and chicken broth each month. Actually, I’ve decided what I really need are good freezer labels.

  31. Katrina L says:

    Such cute labels. Can’t wait to use them…

  32. I would use for project life

  33. Alicia Tomich says:

    I would use the labels for organizing!

  34. i love labels, and love using your designs on them. I love them during the holidays and to help organize my craft room

  35. I would do school labels

  36. Colleen Wolowski says:

    Love the Easter labels — would send my kids Easter goodies.

  37. Neeta Amit Rajaram says:

    My baby girl’s first birthday is coming up soon. I would love to dress the party favors up in these labels!

  38. Rebecca K. says:

    Would address labels.

  39. Sheila Ferreri says:

    Love the St. Paddy’s DAy ones! Could use the visa gift card to buy some from WORLD LABEL! Thanks

  40. I would use the labels for organizing around the house and stuff for my Girl Scout troop.

  41. Jessica Bradley says:

    I would use them to label boxes that I am using to organize my craft/sewing supplies.

  42. Leigh foreman says:

    The school day labels are wonderful. I like the round ones for my son’s lunch and would love to ‘gift’ the “from the library of” square ones to his teacher.

  43. I would love to make some cute labels to organize my craft supplies. 🙂

  44. The school day labels for my daughter, and the french rococo labels for me would be what I would use my gift cards for!

  45. I would label and organize everything in my craft room. And others to use for special occasions.

  46. Jessica says:

    I love the rococo labels

  47. I love giving homemade goodies away and those cute labels would make them look even more special!

  48. I love to label everything from craft supplies to my kids’ dresser drawers!

  49. Tiffany says:

    School Day labels. Love them!

  50. Rhonda Crouch says:

    Wow! I could have fun with these. I could make St. Patrick’s Day and Easter stickers for my grandkids, label my cabinet jars, boxes and bins, and use them on note cards for friends. These printable designs are fabulous. I hope they have a label that fits the bottom of Hershey’s kisses. Those are fun for all kinds of parties, showers and special events.

  51. The round labels for fun party do-dads.

  52. Right now I would use them to label my packing boxes. Color code them to what room the box belongs in for the movers.

  53. I would love to win these!! My son’s 1st bday is coming up!

  54. I think they would be so handy for so many things. I would use them for my church youth group lessons, projects with grandkids as well as scrapbooking. So many uses!

  55. I want to organise my office.

  56. I want to organize my pantry with bins and need some labels to put on the fronts! World Label ahs a lot of cute options!

  57. Janis Ussery says:

    I love labels, I use them for everything with the exception of sticking them on my husband’s forehead for a reminder:))

  58. I love to create cute favors for the kids in my sons classroom so the possibilities are endless.

  59. I would love to download the garden fresh labels on the labels if I win.

  60. nikki huff says:

    I am trying to organize, organize, organize at my house, so I think I would start out using them to label things I am organizing 🙂

  61. I’ll use the labels for the school days design.

  62. Lauren Moody says:

    I love them all!! Especially the Easter labels and the School Days labels

  63. Wendy Orme says:

    I like to use them as stickers on my scrapbooking projects. Thanks for the help, Amy!

  64. I would use these labels to organize my craft room first! Then gift tags and Etsy shop labels!

  65. Sarah G says:

    School Days is so adorable!! I just want to eat them up! 🙂

  66. Teresa Balderas says:

    I’d use them on packages for all occasions. Love the Christmas ones!

  67. elizabeth gibson says:

    I would be putting labels on everything

  68. I love the little circles, to label boxes and close envelopes

  69. Cd labels for sure

  70. I would love some new labels to help organize my family! Between hobbies, crafts, sports, clubs, school, volunteering, work and more – my busy family could use some organizational help!

  71. Sally Red says:

    I use the CD labels all the time…super easy!

  72. Jayne Bergeman says:

    Nice…where are the blank labels sold?

  73. Amber DelMoonte says:

    I love labels! I have 2 girls with 4 years apart- so several things I can do for the Holiday Goodie bags!

  74. Cheryl Berry says:

    I need a little organizational help!! This would get me right on it and I LOVE the printables you made!

  75. I would start organizing my new home office!

  76. Thanks for sharing these labels. They look great.

  77. Melissa McLemore says:

    I can’t get into the giveaway anymore. Can you help?

  78. Melissa McLemore says:

    I have a little girl in Pre-K now and LOVE the school labels. I already see a ton of uses for those!

  79. I would use it to for all our craft and homeschool supplies

  80. I desperately need to organize my son’s toys and these labels would be a great start! Thanks for the contest.

  81. I love making breads….as gifts just because these would work great for that. Also, I watch 3 itty bit ties during the week and sooooo need to organize their. Activity books, games and craft stuff! Hmmmmm…. Fun way to get me going make it PRETTY!

  82. I’d use them on my super cute pink cupcake boxes or to label goodies I put in my mason jars.

  83. I would use the labels to organize my pantry

  84. Melissa Chinn says:

    I would use the labels to organize my tiny pantry. It has been needing a make over to make it more efficient!!!

  85. I would use to help my autistic son read objects I have labelled and get him involved in other craft projects he may be interested in.

  86. Lynn Lipchak says:

    I have been a paper addict since I was a child. A job in an Office Supply store in my youth fueled the fire. I had more things at home than the office used. Ha. Now I am an avid “rubber stamper” and do a newsletter for our 50+ member family. I can think of 20 or 30 things to do with these wonderful labels already. Let’s hope I am lucky.

  87. i really need to organize, and that is my 2013 resolution. these beautiful ones would make that a more aesthetically pleasing endeavor.

  88. These will be perfect on my canning jars and to enhance some of my craft projects.

  89. Patricia Cotaoco says:

    I got married 3 months ago and I still have a lot of arts and crafts stuff from the wedding preps that I need to sort out. The labels would be a great help when I start to organize them 🙂

  90. marcia kilgallen says:

    I can’t believe it but my little one is starting Kindergarten in the fall. I will need to label all his things for school. I especially like the cute lunch labels in the “School Days” collection.

  91. I would use the labels to organize all my craft supplies.

  92. I love printing labels…for crafts, parties, home organization, my etsy business, etc. And it is awesome to see some good quality labels at a reasonable price!!

  93. I would use the labels on some bath and body products I have made. It would give them a polished look.

  94. Erica Allen says:

    Since I have two small children we label everything to teach the importance of organizing (putting things back where they belong!). We like to print many different things so the variety they have to offer opens us up for new ideas of labels!

  95. I love using labels for holiday items. I would try the circle labels.

  96. judith johnson says:

    These would be great for labeling school & camp items. I use labels all over the house — I’m a labeler!

  97. I would use them for family events because we love to celebrate almost anything! We have a good time.

  98. alisha gravette says:

    I would definitely use these labels to organize my scrapbook/craft room.

  99. Meredith says:

    I would use then for everything! I love labelinf and crafting and gifting, and I’m always on the look out for cool new things!

  100. I love labels! I’d use them for various holidays – like Easter and Mother’s Day – but also when shipping care packages. How fun!

  101. Thanks for the giveaway! I love printable labels.

  102. I would print everything in the School Days set! I love to label everything, and when it comes to stuff for school, even better!

  103. Georgette says:

    There are so many possibilities for use – my daughters 2nd grade end of the year party is coming up in May and this would be great to use as well as my ongoing organization of bins at home, to label my childrens stuff that they take to camp, and also for gift giving.

  104. I would make labels for everything my son brings to school with him.

  105. i would use them to make gift tags!

  106. I would love to use these formy daughter’s birthday.. I love my punches but pre cut circles.. Woo Hoo

  107. Christine says:

    I can’t wait to use these labels to use to decorate my Easter gifts this year! (Definitely going to use the freebies above!)

  108. I have several large organizing projects going on. These would be great for them!

  109. Love the ideas – especially the Jam labels, how beautiful are they?! And the St. Patricks Day is just perfect for my daughters school so everyone can be “Irish” and celebrate. Thanks!!

  110. When I go out to play pool, there seems to be lots of billiard cases that look like mine. Would like to label them so we know what belongs to who.

  111. I would live to use these labels for an end of the year party for my sons DK class. They are so super cute!!

  112. gricelda castro says:

    I would use it for Birthday Parties

  113. Birthday parties, bridal showers, baby showers! I’m looking forward to using their labels.

  114. michelle w says:

    if i had these labels, i would label and organize all my closests and garage storage boxes

  115. I would love to make some labels for Easter brunch we are hosting at our house.

  116. I would love to use these labels for my photography business! 🙂 Thanks for a chance to win!

  117. I would probably give them as gifts. I know some very organized people who would love these!!

  118. I would use these labels for my boys school.

  119. Donna Bruce says:

    I would use these labels for my church. We have a Coffee Hour after each service, and I love to make crafts and edibles.


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